Beautiful and Inviting Homes

Bria is the Principal Designer and CEO of Bria Hammel Interiors, the CEO of Brooke & Lou and Co-Creator of Hammel House & Co. She leads a fresh team of women who are dedicated to designing beautiful, inviting homes for clients. For Bria, every project is about creating a home full of surprising, thoughtful spaces that lead to unexpected moments. She has an incredible eye for detail and has a passion for designing spaces that tell her clients’ stories.

Photo gallery of inviting homes and interiors

Below you can see some home interiors full of colors and life! These constitute some fresh ideas you can use for inspiration. Specifically, you can view some details that make the difference such as colorful indoor plants. Also, bulbs and lamps in diverse shapes and sizes make for great decor ideas. They make your space brighter and more appealing. Another detail worth noticing is the earthy colors used in most of the cases. They bring warmth to every home interior as well as primitive features that make it look stunning!

Do you like them? Is there anything else you can think of that has worked for you? Do not hesitate to comment below and let us know!

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