How to Create the Best Built-In Bar For Your Home

Whether you’re touching up a man-cave, adding some class to an open kitchen concept or trying to spice up a butler’s pantry, a built-in home bar is a great option for any home improvement project. Beyond offering additional areas for hosting parties and serving drinks. Built-in bars create a more dynamic feel to your home as well as a great talking point. If you’re looking to add a home bar to your kitchen, the following home bar ideas will help you to install the best home bar around.

Image: Tim Barber

The Best Kitchen Peninsula Design Ideas

Built In Home Bar Ideas

blue  wet bar and kitchenette space

Image: MGD


Images: M + M 

Images: Twelve Chairs Interiors

Images: Twelve Chairs Interiors

  • Location

Where your bar will be located will balance the structure of the home bar. For example, a longer, traditional bar with stool seating is better either as a part of a finished basement, whereas a partial bar that occupies a corner of a large or open kitchen, as well as a butler’s pantry, provides extended seating options as well as additional entertainment options. You don’t want your bar to be completely out of sight. That defeats the purpose of having a more sociable dining arrangement. You don’t want a long bar jutting into a living space that makes it feel cut off.

Home Bar Cabinet Ideas

green grey built in home bar cabinets

Interior design: Melanie Turner

teal built in wet bar with wallpaper and  under-counter refrigerator

Image: Vani Sayeed

Design:  Caren Rideau

small bright blue & white wet built in home bar



Home bar by Studio Dearborn 

  • Composition

Whether you’re bring in a professional to create custom home bar for you or looking for a DIY project. There are many options when it comes to installing home bars as far as the materials you can use. Classic bar materials include wood, whether butcher block or stained, as well as laminate and Corian, while more upscale bar counters will be made of granite, marble or quartz. Each has its distinct advantages.

Wood is a classic material for a bar look that is also less expensive, depending on the wood type. Laminate and Corian are durable and waterproof. Also being less expensive, while marble and granite are exceptionally distinct in appearance. Be mindful that in the case of using wood, your bar should be sealed, stained or polyurethaned against water penetration.

With laminate and Corian, there is always the possibility of scratching. With natural stone such as granite and marble, you need to make sure that it is regularly sealed to prevent stains and acids from penetrating or eroding the material. In the case of any stone, including quartz, the bar must be built to withstand the heavier than normal load.

Wet Bar Ideas

  • Amenities

Having a bar is great, but one of the best parts is that it allows you to incorporate additional features into your kitchen, dining or hosting space. For example, you can use a wine rack and a wine cooler. Also a smaller refrigerator beneath or behind the bar as extra space to store drinks.. A bar also allows another opportunity for an extra sink. You can handle kitchen overload or just for hosting as well as speed ovens or microwaves for quick food prep. Any bar makes a great place to put extra cabinetry or open shelving, whether strictly to display your beverages or for storing any other kitchen or home apparel you need to tuck away.

Home Bar Stools

  • Seating

What many overlook with incorporating a bar into their home is the diversity of seating arrangements a home bar offers. Home bars aren’t just for standing and shmoozing or for Dad’s pals to sit and drink around. A home bar, even a smaller addition to a kitchen, offers additional seating space for everyday meals. So, when deciding on bar design, consider how your bar can be used on an everyday basis. Rather than as just a weekend or occasional meeting place.

Contemporary Velvet Upholstered Counter Stool with Polished Gold Metal Frame

Contemporary Velvet Upholstered Counter Stool with Polished Gold Metal Frame


Overall, whether you’re looking to expand your kitchen, making a recreational space more dynamic or make your home more homey, adding a home bar offers a host of possibilities that make hosting that much more entertaining.

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