Corian Countertops Pros and Cons

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Corian countertops are so called because they are made of Corian, a solid surface material developed by DuPont. It is made of a material that is derived from a blend of bauxite and acrylic polymer. It comes in different colors and patterns. However, the color and particulate matter occur consistently throughout giving the appearance of a solid surface.

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Corian Colors

Though the first colors tended toward earthen shades having a dappled pattern, modern designs are built with a wide variety of hues from pure black or white to yellows, gold, purple and blues. The neutral shades of gray, brown and beige are also available. Designs have evolved with grain patterns varying from pebble to sand to glass and those that have granite, travertine or marble designs. Customized colors are also possible.

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Corian Sinks

Sinks come in both single and double-bowl versions. They have different colors and are made to different sizes. They can be mounted on top or even molded into the countertop to appear seamless. The drainboards are usually integrated into the countertops. Modern scientific techniques allow Corian to be molded into any shape that is desired.

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Corian Countertops Cost

Corian when used as solid surface material is cheaper than either quartz or granite. However, when it comes to countertops, it tends to be as expensive as those made of granite or quartz. The square foot price of Corian starts from approximately $40. The installation cost varies between $60 and $80 per square foot. The rate is also dependent on color, the countertop design and configuration, the molded shape, the mount, edges and inlays. Extensive Corian fabrication and installation can hike up the price to $130 per square foot. The installation costs are also seen to vary by the contractor.

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Corian Counters – Cleaning And Care

Corian surfaces can be cleaned using a variety of methods. From spraying household cleaners and wiping them off to using handheld scrub pads and soap and water, cleaning the surface is easy. However, in the longer term prolonged exposure to chemicals can discolor the surface. It is not resistant to chemical damage. It is, therefore, recommended that a pH neutral cleaning agent be used on a Corian surface. It should also be noted that these surfaces cannot withstand intense heat and can burn/melt if vessels that are too hot are placed on the surface. Sliding hard objects across can also scratch a Corian surface. Dropping heavy objects can cause the surface to dent.

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Corian Repair

Because of the consistent nature of the particulate matter in Corian, it is easy to repair or resurface countertops and do away with the scratches or stains. Minor resurfacing can be done at home by sanding or rubbing the surface with an abrasive scrub. Rubbing vigorously can cause a physical depression on the surface.

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Using Corian – Pros

Care and maintenance of Corian counters is essentially the same as for quartz and granite counters.

Corian surfaces offer a variety of design possibilities in terms of color, texture, mold design and inlays.

It can be cleaned easily.

Most damage caused to Corian can be repaired easily.

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Using Corian – Cons

Corian is less durable when compared to granite.

Corian surfaces cannot withstand heat, may dent easily when heavy objects fall on the surface and stain easily.

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4 thoughts on “Corian Countertops Pros and Cons”

  1. My wife has been looking at corian countertops a lot in the past few months. We are going to remodel our current kitchen and this is a top choice for the bid. I like that corian can be cleaned easily, and the idea that they are easy to repair. However, if they are notably less durable then granite, it begs the question of, is it actually worth it? We will decide soon, but thanks for the advice.

  2. Wow, that all white Kitchen with white Corian countertops looks great! I like the clean look of it. Thanks for the info on resurfacing the Corian countertops as well. I will have to look into Corian in the future!

  3. Mitch Singleton

    I work with Corian and similar materials on a daily basis. I find them to be easy to manipulate, provide a sooth solid surface with plenty of artistic viewpoints. Though according to the article it does have its drawbacks, I have found them to be minor compared to the anti bacterial/fungal properties of the material cleaning with simple soap and water is easiest as for heat ….I wouldn’t put anything hot on any surface aside from metal, without protection. as for scratching and denting there are trade offs with any material. Granite: provides ample opportunity for bacterial growth, Metal: dents, and provides little protection against bacterial growth. Plastic laminate: aesthetic only all three are difficult for a layperson to resurface. Corian and other materials like it are relatively simple to resurface for a person with a good eye for detail and a piece of sandpaper. So…in my professional opinion you will likely get the most bang for your Buck out of Corian or other solid surface materials. Enjoy your remodel ! 🙂

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