How To Create A Scandinavian Dining Room

Scandinavian dining room is ideal for small spaces and for those who seek a casual environment in their home. But how do you create a scandinavian dining room? The colors used and beautiful lamp designs illuminate the environment and allow you to visualize the wider environment than it is. Because in countries like Sweden and the surrounding area have very dark winters, this style maximizes the entry of natural light. We have prepared some ideas and designs to decorate your Scandinavian style dining room.


Ways to create a Scandinavian dining room


Scandinavian Colors

As the main colors and to make the environment look lit, a palette of soft and light colors such as white, gray or pastel colors is used. These are usually included in the painting of the walls. If the area of ​​your dining room is shared, unify and define the focal points of the area using color and then decorate the walls with pictures or shelves.

Accent colors are a must, otherwise, our entire dining room will look arid or lifeless. Therefore, bold colors are usually introduced to animate the environment like red, blue, green or yellow. Also, you can use black and brown. You can include more than one color for decorative accessories in geometric patterns for carpets, curtains, decorative paintings and works of art.


Wood as the main material

It is common to find wood as a predominant material, we can see it in various furniture and the floor adding warmth to the environment. The color is usually natural or painted white for the floor area.

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Textures Game

In addition to wood, we can distinguish other materials for fabrics, furniture or ornaments that will help create a cozy atmosphere. The glass provides lightness to the environment. Different natural fabrics such as cotton, wool or leather are also used for upholstery of chairs, carpets, curtains.


Central Design Lamp

As we know, a pendant lamp can become the center of attention of the dining area, therefore, it incorporates a striking and contemporary pendant lamp on the center of the table to highlight this area.



The window area is usually uncovered, but if some privacy is necessary, white curtains made of a transparent material or blinds can be a great alternative.


Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers add freshness and charm to space. In this style, it is very common to find them in the windows, in a corner and especially as part of the decoration of the dining room table.



Decorate your walls with beautiful paintings with black and white phrases or works of art in bold and fun colors.


Functional Furniture

The furniture of this style is straight and simple lines. But they can be with soft curves combined with organic lines. You get a clean and functional room, without ornaments.


The shelves will help keep things organized, one of the characteristics of Scandinavian decoration. We can include books, photo frames or ornaments.

These were some ideas to decorate your Scandinavian dining room: simple, functional and with a lot of lighting. We hope you liked it and served as an inspiration to decorate your dining room. Wanna get more dining room ideas? Our blog is here for you!

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