15 Bold Bathroom Designs

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Despite having a small bathroom, that isn’t to say that your bathroom should be limited to its interior decor. A nice way to make it stand out is by using one of those bold bathroom designs. You can turn your bathroom into something charming that way.

Bathrooms are just as important than any other part of your home, after all. This is one of the intimate areas of your home and it’s meant to be maintained and kept clean. Although, who’s to say that you can’t decorate it on your own terms? Whether you’re going for a bold look with a powerful impact or something more classy and elegant, you should definitely go for it!

Bold bathroom designs and photos

Bathrooms deserve to have that creative and fresh ambiance, just like your living room and your bedroom. It’s where you prep for a date, or where you pamper yourself before going to work. It’s where all the magic happens when it comes to looking good and looking your best self. Don’t you think your bathroom deserves the same treatment? If you’re torn as to how to decorate your bathroom, go with the look you feel makes you the happiest.

If you go for that bold and powerful look, it gives you and whoever walks into your bathroom a completely empowering interior. Not to mention, a bold look is a unique and distinct feature in a bathroom. Bathrooms aren’t often paid much attention so the moment you choose to decorate it, it’s going to capture quite the attention.

Are you ready to find some inspiration for bold bathroom designs? And look what your bathroom deserves? You can easily browse through 15 gorgeous designs for your small and simple bathroom that you’re guaranteed to love. These designs are proof that the best designs don’t have to come in grand packages, but can come in even small packages. No matter your decor choice is, it’s guaranteed to bring out the best features of any bathroom ideas you might have.

Image: apartment therapy

green and floral bathroom wall

Idea: AD

black floral bathroom wall

Image: CM Natural Designs

pink floral bathroom decor

Source:  Amber Ulmer

fish and water bathroom wall

Image:Osborn & Little

gold and marble bathroom design

Idea: Alexander Marchant

bold design in bathroom

Image: Joy Tribout

hexagon tiles in bathroom

Idea: Justina Blakeney

leaves in bathroom walls

Image: better decorating bible

bold bathroom design with lips

source: jordynkatz

bold blue and white bathroom design

Image: sheknowslondon

bold polka dots bathroom design

Photo: AD EspaƱa

windows with patterns in bathroom

Image: Real Homes

round mirrors in bathroom

Picture: apartment therapy

bold black bathroom design

Image: One Kings Lane

many frames on bathroom wall
Tags: floral patterns in bathroom walls, intense colors in bathrooms

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