Grey Tones Creates a Cozy Contemporary Home

rey Tones Creates a Cozy Contemporary Home

Grey tones with hints of burnt reds and oranges highlighted by nature’s beauty is what this stunning home by PROforma, embodies. It’s super-age modernism meets with cozy sophistication. It’s elegance wrapped up in sturdy substances that appear industrial but comfortable. Homely but cool. Nonchalant but structured. It’s a beautiful art piece on a canvas of blended tones that harmonize and complement one another.

Cement in homes is all the rage today and this abode pulls off the look with aplomb. Polished and textured cement on the floor and ceiling gives way to suspended lighting, a solid brick wall, and glass bricks in the eating area. Hints of a dirty beige-ish color stone material along the wall and maple wood on the ceiling does not divide the natural synchronization of the various hues of the bolstered materials.

Suspended lighting together with natural light from huge windows brightens up the ambiance in each corner of space, emphasizing the care taken into comfort while remaining distinctive. The midnight black Verner Panton Chairs fit perfectly in the kitchen area bouncing off the strong rich yellow-wired hire chairs. Appliances are designed within a modular system and maintains the singular theme of the home, compactness and accessibility.

Most stone floors require a touch of softness. The geometrically rippled dark hued area rug in the living room is a beautifully designed piece of art that happens to work well as an accent rug. It’s not overpowering and lends the right amount of diversity to a mono-designed theme.

Various colorful additions like posters, book covers, accent tables, lighten up the space and creates a certain subtle enlightenment to simplicity and vivaciousness. It’s almost as if the metal staircase is hidden but easily accessible. It’s there but only noticeable when needed. It’s an unusual way to add a feature to home décor that is so common, yet hidden in open space.

Track lighting effectively illuminates a back wall that effortlessly divides the space. Storage is neatly hidden with an invisible drawer console and drawers attached to the metal divider. Walls are kept bare keeping in line with the uncluttered look of the space.

This type of home is super easy to keep clean. The materials used in the décor have an eco-friendliness about them as metals and stone do not hold bacteria and other harmful substances. The touch of wood adds the right amount of earthiness. The unusual artwork with the stack of black and white printed books gives the space that special sense of homeliness balanced with vivacity.

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