Grey And Burgundy Living Room Ideas


The color grey doesn’t exactly elicit a lot of excitement. A grey day means the sun is behind the clouds, and there is a good chance of rain or snow. A grey mood means everything seems bland and tedious. The color grey isn’t all negative. Grey can provide a striking contrast when paired with a more vibrant color. When a deep color such as burgundy is with grey, it can give seemingly lifeless grey a whole new sense of vitality. Have you ever noticed how certain colors seem much brighter on an overcast day? A burgundy and grey living room can reproduce this stunning effect in one of the most important rooms in your home.

Image: Wall paint colors Muted Blush and Garnet Symphony 1 by Dulux.


Burgundy is a strong color that still has a bit of softness. Adding burgundy to your living room adds a touch of class. Burgundy is synonymous with kings, queens and fine wine. The color grey brings to mind heavy cloud cover, and modern machinery and technology. There are numerous grey and burgundy living room ideas that pair classic beauty with modern style. Grey and burgundy are both distinctive colors that will cause everyone who sets foot in your living room to comment about the loveliness of the innovative color scheme.

Image:  Alesya Kasianenko

Grey And Burgundy Living Room Ideas

A burgundy sofa, curtains or rug is a vivid contrast to a grey wall, grey sculpture or grey blanket. If you’re a tech savvy person, grey and burgundy is the ideal color scheme for your living room because burgundy will pair so brilliantly with your many grey computers, extension chords and other electronics. Grey is an often overlooked color that is a close sibling of regal silver. A burgundy garnet and a silver necklace are a gorgeous time-honored combination. A burgundy and grey living room is very similar color pairing to a stately antique garnet ring with a bright silver band.

Image:  Oscar Pastor


Grey isn’t the fist color that most people think of when they’re considering vibrant color combinations. Grey is a cool, calming color that can serve as a lovely complement to a rich, commanding color like burgundy. When grey and burgundy are contrasted, they create an inviting, subdued atmosphere that is just unique enough to make onlookers realize that they are in a captivating space. Grey is the color of smoke, stone and the fur of wild wolves who wander the woods. Despite certain modern biases, the color grey has primordial appeal.

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