A Small Charming Brooklyn Apartment

New York is unfortunately famous for its dreary windowless apartments. Thankfully, apartments with big windows that allow ample natural light to cascade into every room are becoming the norm. Ample sunshine makes even the smallest space seem a little bigger. Blonde wood floors and stark white ceilings pair beautifully with austere brick walls that recall this small Brooklyn apartment’s industrial past.

Converting a brick building with a gritty industrial past into a cozy apartment is simply a matter of placement and color. The exposed brick walls add a hint of austerity. Numerous green plants, wood accents, and a large mirror create a sense of expansive space and warmth. A few commanding panels of deep blue paint add a relaxing hint of coolness. Transforming a potentially cold, imposing space into a warm, inviting home is akin to sewing a quilt. This small Brooklyn apartment features colors, furniture and personal items that represent various tones and shades of feeling. When all of these elements come together, they create a sun-splashed dwelling that is conductive to relaxation and steady creative output.

Images: Angie Eng Via: apartment therapy

Small Brooklyn Apartment loft 2

The walls of this small Brooklyn apartment are lined with items that are both personal and functional. Framed art and music posters share wall space with a panel of power tools. Decorating a smaller space requires a seamless blend of ingenuity and creativity. Artfully arranged functional items such as a surf board hung above the bedroom door add a great deal of character and personality to a small apartment. Beloved functional tools don’t have to languish in obscurity in the closet. A cherished shoe collection can line the shelves of a bookshelf. A treasured camera surrounded by books is a wonderful motivator to venture out and snap some new photos.

Small Brooklyn Apartment loft 3
Small Brooklyn Apartment loft 4
Small Brooklyn Apartment loft 5
Small Brooklyn Apartment loft 6
Small Brooklyn Apartment loft 7
Small Brooklyn Apartment loft 8

The days of the small New York apartment that is a dreary cheerless dungeon are thankfully on the decline. This small Brooklyn apartment is a beautiful illustration that a simple inventory and mindful arrangement of the items that truly express who you are will liven up a space in ways that you never thought possible. Large windows that allow light to pour in are the foundation of this vital space that is conductive to countless happy hours of carefree unwinding, thoughtful contemplation and deep concentration. A small space can feel infinitely large if each item is arranged just so. A comfortable home is one of the ultimate expressions of one’s truest self.

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