87 Gray Boys’ Room Ideas

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When it comes to choosing your little boy’s room color it’s comprehensible that one gets a little bit indecisive. There are so many choices out there and in reality there is not just one correct way we can go. We always think about the usual blue or green color if he is a boy because we have been kind of trained to think that way, haven’t we? But nowadays there are a rainbow of options. Options that usually do not come to our minds. Now is the time to explore them. Here are some great gray boys’ room ideas you can choose from.

Why you should consider gray for your boy’s room

Today we will talk about gray. What is that? You haven’t given it a lot of thought? Well, you will now! When we choose our kid’s room color we need it to be more than just cute or pretty. Although of course we want it to look the best! There are tons of bedroom ideas out there. However, when it comes to boys and children, it is more complicated. One thing we need to consider is that the color of a boy’s bedroom affects him directly. Indeed, the color will be processed by his mind and transferred to his thoughts. This will affect his mood and it will also stimulate him, giving him more energy.

That is why the color gray is a really good alternative. When we talk about color psychology the color gray is a conservative and stable color. It reflects and transmits intelligence, reliability and calmness. Gray is the color of compromise and tranquility; and we will use it to create a sense of composure and relief from an outside world that is chaotic. We want our child to enter the comfort of his home and room and feel safe and secure.

Now you see why this color is a must? You might have a few doubts because it is a little sober and you may consider it a bit “mature” for a child. But that is definitely a myth. You just have to paint the room in a preferably light gray and add some whites and it will look fantastic! Plus it will give the stability and warming sense of belonging to your youngster!

Geometric Grey Boys' Room Idea

Clean lines, symmetry, and calming grays create this relaxing contemporary retreat.

DIY modern four post canopy bed frame + numerous trips to ikea, Ross & marshall.

Gray and Orange Boys' Room Ideas
Star Wars Gray Boys' Room Ideas
Sci-Fi Gray Boys' Room Ideas
Movie Gray Boys' Room Ideas
Gray Boys' Room with animals Idea
Gray Boys' Room Idea with Beautiful Photos
Gray Boys' Room Ideas with Children's Names

Photos 3-9: Pottery Barn Kids

Gray Boys' Room with staircase Idea

Image: hanna andersson

Gray Boys' Room Idea with Painted Clouds

Make your own bookshelf out of an old ladder and use pallets to make a beautiful row of dutch houses. 

Gray Boys' Room Ideas with Black and White
Light Gray Boys' Room Ideas
Gray Boys' Room Ideas with Letters Decoration
Christmas Gray Boys' Room Idea

Create a unique and dreamy room for your boy by adding fairy lights to a dark gray wall, combined with white drawings or stencils.

Gray Boys' Room Idea with stripes
Βlackboard Gray Boys' Room Ideas
Gray Blue Boys' Room Idea

If you like multi-colored walk, why not try combining different tones of grey to add depth, separate the areas of the room or play with lighting options?

Gray with Yellow Boys' Room Idea

The grey walls are a great base for the monochrome elements and the pops of yellow in this room. One of the most unique gray boys’ room.

Gray Wild Nature Boys' Room Idea

Interior design: Rob Stuart, Image: Donna Dotan

Rugby Gray Boys Room Idea
Gray Boys' Room Idea with Stars
Gray Boys' Room Idea with Stars 2
Astronomy Gray Boys' Room Idea
Gray Boys' Room Idea with airplanes

Gray is also a great option for rooms for more than one child. It helps create tone variations in the space so that the room doesn’t look too cluttered or messy. Combine different tones of gray with white or beige, and add details in brighter complementary colors like blue, red or yellow.

As mentioned above, the best thing about gray is its versatility. It enables the room to transform and ‘grow’ as your children get older. Small changes in the decoration and lighting can make a gray bedroom look more grownup and mature, still leaving room for personality and interesting elements. Try wall art in classy colours, wooden shelves, metallic details and interesting patterns like bold tartan and stripes.


Gray House Boys' Room Idea
Gray Boys' Room Idea with desk
Gray Storage Boys' Room Ideas 22

Pictures 16-22: RH

Gray Nature Boys' Room Ideas 23

Image: Frog Hill Designs

Gray Boys' Room Idea with library

Photo: mig & alice

Innovative Gray Boys' Room Idea

For the lovers of minimalism, gray is the perfect base colour for a bedroom. Matched with black and white, it can create a sleek, contemporary style. Try a darker tone for the walls and play with white tones and white lighting for a more grownup take on your child’s bedroom.

Gray Wallpaper Boys' Room Idea
Gray Boys' Room Idea with Fishes

Ideas 26-27: Weekdaycarnival

Gray Boys' Room Idea with Star Lights

Image: funky junk interiors

Cloudy Gray Boys' Room Ideas 29

Via: apartment therapy

Gray Boys' Room Idea with desk and library

Image: Project: Nest

Gray Boys' Room Idea with Tree Wallpaper
Gray Boys' Room Idea with geometric Wallpaper
Gray Boys' Room Idea with Animals 2

By: the design chaser

Total Gray Boys' Room Idea
Gray Boys' Room Idea with Panda painted wall

Image: my paradissi

Gray Boys' Room Idea with cars
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Idea: maison deco

Elephant Gray Boys' Room Idea

Image:  Bel and Soph

Innovative Gray Boys' Room Idea 2

Photo: living bloggen

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Image: my scandinavian home

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Via: mommo design

Gray Boys' Room Idea Blackboard Wall
Gray Boys' Room Idea with Black and White Details

Contemporary loft beds designed by Design Fab.

Gray Boys' Room Idea with a Painted House Wall
Gray Boys' Room Idea with Horse Theme
balloon painted bedroom wall

Be creative with textures! Let your imagination run wild by trying some bold and unusual texture options working perfectly with gray tones. Why not try raw wood details for a shabby chic look, braided rope rugs and accessories for playfulness, fake fur for coziness and metal for a more modern style.

grey bedroom with furniture

Image: cote maison

Gray Boys' Room Idea with beautiful painted wall

Idea: kireei

Gray Boys' Room Innovative Idea
Gray and White Boys' Room Idea

Image: Traditional Home

Amazing Gray Innovative Boys' Room Idea
Gray With Orange ceiling Boys' Room Idea

Via: My Lovely Things

big A painted on a wall

Image:  Cari Berg

child's bedroom with a duck painting
Scottish Gray Boys Room Idea
Gray Boy's Room Idea with a big 5
Gray Rhombus Boy's Room Idea

Picture: casa abril

Gray Boy's Room Amazing Idea

Image: Johanna Laskey

Gray Boys' Room Idea with Sticks Wallpaper
special wall decor in a boy's room
Gray Boys' Room Idea with yellow details
yellow teal and white bedroom colors
bedroom with pillows and a patterned wall

Images 64-66: roomor

grey bedroom with star shaped carpets
bedroom with toys and a drawer

Via: Jessie Wilce

beige hammock in a bedroom
white bed and special ceiling lamps

Photo: kuoo

two window desks with chairs

Image: the way we play

bed with wood board and a dreamcatcher
bedroom with a chalkboard above bed
wood decorative stairs leading to the bed

Picture: Tamara H Design

two floor beds in grey tones

Image: Visbeen Architects

child's bed with toys nearby
two floor bed with wood material

Images 77-78: the boo and the boy

red ladder in a bedroom

Photo: CCS

boy bedroom idea

Interior Design by SISSY + MARLEY

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