White Interior Does It Again

White Interior

If you have ever dreamed of living a charmed life with the accommodations to match, this residence says it all. The atmosphere is quaint and welcoming. It includes all the basics, yet it manages to sneak innovative touches here and there.

White walls create the perfect canvas for this residential masterpiece. The white crown molding with intricate details is stunningly beautiful. It complements the huge heating fixture that is very much like a Roman column and a beautiful piece of artwork. The living room is not extremely large; however, as a rule, white walls create dimension.

White walls convey a lot of energy and has endless potential. With the natural lighting in this home, the white walls react dramatically with the sunlight, beautifully emphasizing the architecture and adding illumination to the space. The white ceiling naturally adds more height and the white trim adds that final touch. It works wondrously.

The long sofa with accent pillows of varying designs is the centerpiece of the room. All the other furnishings and accent pieces work around this one large piece. In addition, the neutral colored plank wood flooring brings the look together along with the ethnic print accent rug.

A cozy home is not complete without a bookshelf. The attached wall bookshelf is what adds a home like ambiance to the environment. You feel you can easily sit down, relax, pick up a good book, and forget the world.

Additional rooms like the bedroom continue the unique theme of the home. It’s homelike, patchwork setting is designed around comfort and practicality. It’s the smaller things that make this room stand out like the strategically placed task lamp, lone chair, and large window, which allows the natural light to making the room gleam with radiance. The wall artwork is simplistic in itself. It’s a nice touch to a simply furnished room that has everything.

The kitchen area is stylish in a modest way. It’s easy going with just enough to make the area usable. A sleek imitation brick styled backsplash coupled with white glossy appliances, black mat finished dining set, and white painted wooden floor is a kitchen you would enjoy cooking and eating in. It’s small and functional, which is a tricky combination to get just right.

This apartment has used white wisely, while adding various colors, patterns, shapes, and textures. White works like an eraser, it can conceal all the architectural flaws and camouflage the eyesores. Various details, like crown molding, can be emphasized because white is the hue that quietly dominates no matter what other colors are used in the space. In this home, the space is used wisely, and the color white plays a big part in that. It’s a smart home designed for living.

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Images: Alvhem

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