LEGO Kids Furniture by Lola Glamour

LEGO unique Kids Furniture by Lola Glamour

Spanish design and furniture manufacturer Lola Glamour has recently unveiled a line of children furniture inspired by LEGO’s popular and icon construction toys. With a unique feel that sparks creativity, Lola Glamour’s LEGO furniture becomes a wonderful addition to any kid’s room, ramping up the visual appeal of the environment while adding intricate focal points that balance simplicity and sophistication.

LEGO’s characteristic piece pattern has been designed to become a cabinet or drawer handle, or act as a stand-alone decorative element that catches the viewer’s eye. Vivid colors complete the look of the furniture, bringing a plus of natural vibe to the room. Lola Glamour’s line of LEGO furniture is comprised of a bed and a shelf, with the latter one featuring a cabinet composition along with a drawer unit for convenience and added storage. The bed has a door and six drawers made of chipboard with cherry veneer, which stand on a soft linden wood base that is particularly resistant.
From the first moment when you look at this furniture, you can feel a bit of nostalgia that intertwines with the playfulness it gives to the environment. Each piece of furniture from Lola Glamour’s collection boasts a unique personality, which becomes even more stunning and attractive when all of them are combined. The lines, colors and shapes of this furniture remind you of a child’s book, though they add a soft nuance of elegance and sophistication to any kid’s bedroom.
Lola Glamour is a Soria-based design company and furniture manufacturer that has been founded by Desiree and Felix – sister and brother, and actual managers of the company – in 1995. Deeply attached to this area of Spain, which holds a long tradition in handmade furniture and carpentry, Desiree and Felix use only the finest materials when designing their pieces, which they carefully hand-pick beforehand. Along with the help of local craftsmen, the two artists take part in all stages of the design, production and distribution processes.

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