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A Gorgeous Loft Set In A Beautiful Sky

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A great view certainly makes a big difference and this beautifully situated apartment certainly takes advantage of it. With such an expansive view, the living area stretches beyond its four walls. This exciting and unconventional apartment includes a sunny balcony that helps shed natural light into the entire home.

The apartment is laid out with a sky exposing ceiling, exposed beams, and a large, bright, and usable loft. The very large living area includes a built in footbridge across the living room, while steps to the loft creates a New York City type feel. From the living room, there is access to the west-facing balcony where sunshine can be enjoyed from sunrise to sunset.

Multicolored glossy chairs set in complementing hues are used to highlight the beauty of a long softwood table. The wooden beams and stairs enhance the flawless wood finish and naturalness of its texture. A white backdrop including white wooden floors, works ideally to bring the various colors, textures, and patterns together.

A sectional sofa is perfect for comfort and relaxation and it fits well in the huge space. Highlighted with rich lime-green accent pillow and chair, the wood panels above add just the right amount of tradition in a superbly modernistic setting. The kitchen area is enhanced with a slanted window displaying a gorgeous sky. It’s pristine with easy sliding drawers, wood countertop, and stainless steel appliances.

The apartment becomes artistically innovative in surprising areas like the hidden storage space that displays a lime green and snow-white wall and chest of drawers in the same color combination. A stone tiled bathroom colored with various shades of brown includes a separate mosaic tiled shower, storage, and much more.

The child’s room oozes with modern touches. The geometrically designed slanted walls with a mix of deep-pale colors presents like a fun place to sleep and play in. The natural and suspended light makes this room delightful during the day and nighttime.

A small upstairs loft is decked out in neutral colors with hints of charcoal black. It displays the ultimate in avant-garde decor. An illustration of the earth’s territories on the wall along with a rooftop window that opens up to a magnanimous sky is a fantastic twist to an otherwise simple layout. The space is used sparingly with unique pieces that really do the space justice.

This home is full of surprises. From windows that open to show a brilliant sky, to a bridge above the living room area that you can actually walk across. Even the exterior is filled with natural beauty with greenery and flowers. It’s a stunning living space in a lovely environment. Gorgeous modernLoft 2 Gorgeous modernLoft 3 Gorgeous modernLoft 4

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