7 Inspirational Ways To Decorate A Boys’ Bedroom

boys bedroom decrating idea wall decor

Decorating your boy’s bedroom may not be as flexible a venture as decorating a girl’s bedroom, but it can be just as much fun. In fact, boys require less décor and more functionality. Sure, you can put the solar system or a jungle theme on the wall, add sports posters, and setup a bed frame shaped like a fire engine, but what about color? Do boys like stripes and geometric shapes? Yes they do, and these five boys’ bedroom ideas prove it!


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1. Groupings of vivid and bright colors are idea in a boy’s bedroom as well as bright or more subdued shades of brown and beige. Try bright colors like chartreuse with yellow or green accents for a sunlit ambiance. A warm light-chocolate hue painted on the walls with bits of red accents in furniture, artwork, and bed linen, are a great combination as well. For older boys, grey walls look fantastic with navy or black furnishings with accents in strong shades of yellow, orange, and red. For example, an energetic boy might enjoy a mishmash of orange and red, brought together by natural wood furniture. boys bedroom decrating idea wall mural batman

2. A large wall mural will stir your boy’s dream of exploration. For example, the insect world is full of color and life that will certainly inspire his imagination. A nature-inspired bedroom is fantastic for boys of any age who love the outdoors. A mix of wood finishes complements this type of boy’s bedroom décor.

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3. There is something about stripes that shout “boy’s room.” Blue and off-white stripes in varying sizes seem to be the favorite combination. If your boy loves blue, you can choose from a broad range of hues. Sky blue walls coupled with curtains, linens, and other accessories in a darker hue of blue will produce a boyish décor he will love. You can always add a sprint of color with rich red, yellow, green, and orange pillows. If you really want to be bold with stripes try red and white, yellow and white, or grey and blue stripes.

boys bedroom decrating idea 44. White walls work in any child’s room regardless of their gender. It’s just so easy to add various colors and patterns on a blank canvas! A bold patterned quilt and fun color accessories can brighten up a boy’s room without appearing to girly. Lime green, pale blue, burgundy, and vibrant orange work well with a variety of styles. Even subtle shades of cream or beige work just as well if you want to introduce bright colors such as orange, yellow, lime green, red, and various shades of blue along with it. Add patterned linens, curtains, and pillows.

boys bedroom decrating idea vintage industrial5. Metal accents make interesting impressions in a boy’s bedroom. A metal rolling bookshelf or curtain rod over the window look modern and works well in a boy’s room. The metal shelf can be used to display sports memorabilia, photos, trophies, drawings, etc.

boys bedroom decrating idea chalkboard

6. Chalkboard wall.

boys bedroom decrating idea magnetic paint

Cool magnetic wall road.

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