It’s About The Finer Things In Decor

It's About The Finer Things In Decor

This gallant home by MATERIALITY DESIGN, is filled with subdued shades and sophisticated furnishings. The design is straightforward, obtuse, no-frills. This doesn’t mean that it’s not attractive with lovely attributes. It’s that there are no distractions. Furnishings, textures, and colors are purposeful and nothing is left to speculation.

The bedroom is clearly designed around a masculine theme, though the space could easily accommodate anyone. There are soft touches like the Chesterfield designed seat at the end of the bed. The soft hued duvet, with the intricate design and accent pieces like the white open vase with beautiful daisies, have an effeminate flair. Nonetheless, beauty knows no bounds and regardless of who lives in this lovely residence, it’s the epitome of fine taste.


It's About The Finer Things In Decor 2

The dark wood herringbone floor is pristine. The sconce lighting in the bedroom provides a soft glow. Long drapes add warmth and dimension to the space. It’s serene, attenuated, yet practical. What’s more, the ceiling is designed with an extended piece of wood. It’s an unusual concept for the interior of a home, but it works!

The bedroom opens out into a dining and sitting area. The leather accent chair in the corner is a striking accessory. It’s not an eccentric piece of furniture, perhaps due to the color and texture, but it complements the room wonderfully.

The kitchen area is almost hidden. Upon first looking at the area, it’s nearly unnoticeable. The wooden countertop and underneath storage looks like one piece of wood that was carved to create a beauteous sculpture.

The black and white floor is a classic. There is something special about black and white floors, especially in kitchens. The black and white floor is a classic. It’s the perfect answer to interior design dilemmas. It blends with any color, texture, or design. It definitely works here and brightens up the area. The black and white pattern continues into the bathroom area as well. The versatility of this type of floor works perfectly in any home.

From an elongated perspective, this apartment is similar to a loft. It stretches endlessly with each part of the space complementing the other. The flow is embracing. Another interesting concept is the painted exposed brick at one of the entryways. The black framed sliding doors are exceptional. Just like the unique leather accent chair, the glass sliding doors are unusual, but elusive.

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This home is for privacy. It’s the type of resident for those who work long days, and prefer quiet nights. It’s a refined décor with pieces of extravagance and awkwardness. It’s a stunning dwelling designed for those who prefer the finer things in life.

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