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Dream Vacation Villa On Corsica

Casa Santa Teresa

Casa Santa Teresa  captures the loveliest times in Corsica from spring to autumn. This is a vacation villa you will fall in love with. When sunlight glints off the fresh seas lapping the house's cove, everything else becomes less important. Completely remodeled in 2019 by corsican talent architect Amelia Tavella, the villa offers...

A Modern Rustic-Chic British Inn

the wild rabbit hotel

A place to eat, drink and sleep. This is how you can describe this rustic-chic British inn. It is cozy, exceptionally beautiful and can make your day with its decor. Below you can check out some photos that reveal the quality architecture of this inn, along with some great furniture...

A Thoughtfully-Curated Downtown Detroit Hotel

Shingle Hotel

Discover the true spirit of Detroit at Shinola Hotel. It has a timeless sense of style, approachable service, and an obsession with quality craftsmanship. Truly, our luxury hotel is for living and sharing in good times with great company. (more…)

Contemporary Greek Design On Paros

contemporary greek design hotel on Paros

The great Greek poet and Nobel laureate, George Seferis, declared Paros – with its gently rolling landscape, pristine beaches, mesmerizing villages and ancient treasures – to be the loveliest of all the Greek islands. Athens-based Interior Design Laboratorium was influenced by both the island’s distinctive architecture and their own brand...

Borgo Egnazia, Puglia: Nowhere Else

hotek in Puglia Italy Borgo Egnazia 5

  Borgo Egnazia is located in Savelletri di Fasano, where the hills of the Itria Valley gently fall away to the Adriatic Sea, and the property itself is inspired by the shapes, materials and colours of a typical Puglian village. This authenticity was conceived to bring a fresh and original...

A Dream To Live In

Dimora delle Balze in Sicily Italy 3

Dimora delle Balze in Sicily, Italy is the perfect place for a magical event. The surrounding nature captivates all the senses, nourishing body and soul. An estate with a contemporary design, in which Mediterranean scents and perfumes blend. It is the ideal place to find yourself, your home, your roots.  ...

Villa Kampani in Mykonos

Villa Kampani in Mykonos 2

In the centre of Mykonos Town, Villa Kampani is the epitome of Cycladic chic aesthetic and one of the island’s most beautiful houses. It was built around 1850 and became the residence of the former mayor of Mykonos, Michalis Kampanis. The Villa is built in the traditional Mykonian style with...