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A Dream To Live In

Dimora delle Balze in Sicily Italy 3

Dimora delle Balze in Sicily, Italy is the perfect place for a magical event. The surrounding nature captivates all the senses, nourishing body and soul. An estate with a contemporary design, in which Mediterranean scents and perfumes blend. It is the ideal place to find yourself, your home, your roots.  ...

Villa Kampani in Mykonos

Villa Kampani in Mykonos 2

In the centre of Mykonos Town, Villa Kampani is the epitome of Cycladic chic aesthetic and one of the island’s most beautiful houses. It was built around 1850 and became the residence of the former mayor of Mykonos, Michalis Kampanis. The Villa is built in the traditional Mykonian style with...

Japanese Inspired Hotel in San Francisco California

Japanese Inspired Hotel in San Francisco California 10

Designed by interior design and branding firm MARKZEFF, the Hotel Kabuki  Joie de Vivre recently joined the World of Hyatt is inspired by Japanese influences. nterior renovation on an existing hotel with two separate towers of guest rooms. Inspired by traditional Japanese art and culture, MARKZEFF creates a cohesive design that...

Amazing Boutique Hotel In Alabama

best boutique hotel in Alabama a

Located in the heart of downtown Florence, Alabama, the GunRunner features 10 spacious luxury suites that are uniquely designed to celebrate the world-class music, fashion, art, and history of the Shoals area. Image: Southern Living / Photography: ROBBIE CAPONETTO (more…)

Solar-Powered A-Frame Cabin With Stunning View

Solar-Powered A-Frame Cabin With Stunning View

What would it be like to live entirely on renewable energy solutions? With a minimal amount of modern commodities? Generating a minimal carbon footprint and emissions? To answer these questions, we created a compelling space, where people could experience a more sustainable way of living: the Nolla cabin. Located on...

An Experiential Hostel

Native An Experiential Hostel

Native is for the seekers. The curious ones, filled with youthful wanderlust. Explorers who know that possessions are fleeting, but experiences last a lifetime. Native is a kinetic collision of music, arts, warm beds, sleepless nights, food, and spirits.  (more…)