A Rustic Modern Luxury Airbnb Apartment In Tulum

With a focus on warmth and comfort, this luxury apartment in Tulum designed by  Terreo Studio features rugged and earthy elements to create a warm and welcoming home. This beauty is available for rent on airbnb.

The interior is adorned in rustic decor stretched with soft color palettes that captures the balance between the contemporary and minimalist characteristic of the overall design. The entire house is marked by bright, light, and open spaces with enough room to move and breathe.


Natural Lighting

The living room is decked in high ceilings and tall windows that let in lots of natural light.

The windows are divided into grids reminiscent of colonial homes that give it a symmetrical look for added visual appeal. By offering a full view of the greenery outside, it enhances the nature-inspired tone of the design by offering a literal view of their inspirations.


Muted Colors

Because the design draws from natural inspiration, this interior of this luxury apartment features a neutral-heavy color palette — replicating earth, stone, and wood, with pops of slated undertone accents.

Decked in warm hues, the design utilizes cream, grey, and tan to create an environment that encourages feelings of contentment and coziness. The off-white walls create a bright and clean backdrop that brings out the earthy-feel of the colors.


Wooden Furnishings

The furniture style is minimalist and practical.

Throughout the living space, we see solid wooden crafted chairs and tables that are all in a light-toned color to complement the clean lines and natural rudiments of the space.

The couch incorporates the natural elements of the space by using stretched fabric in a warm cream hue. The rattan chairs and light fixtures with an open-weave pattern add a natural texture to the open space.

Cozy Bedrooms

The bedrooms in this apartment are washed in warm shades of cream and tan that creates a chill vibe to invite relaxation.

Swapping a formal nightstand with a concrete rounded side table adds a rustic and earthy vibe to the design, while small decor touches like rattan lamps and vases make the space feel more personal and cozy.

Rustic Accents

Complementing the wooden furnishings and white-washed walls, the design incorporates accessories that emulate warmth with darker accents, statement lighting, and restrained colors.

Pops of color are found throughout the living space in the form of throw pillows in different shades of tan and muted browns. There are also a few cultural pieces that consist of oriental vases and plates of clay and terra-cotta that give off the natural Zen-like tone of cozy Asian-style homes.

Rustic light fixtures and wall hangings made of native materials continue the earthy vibe of the design, while supple straw mats on the flooring add to the natural feel of this apartment. There is also touch of contemporary with a geometric wall hanging art piece that flows well with the understated tone of the furnishings.

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