Brighten up Your Beige Kitchen

A beige kitchen can be a challenge, but, there are ways of brightening it up, without spending a fortune. Our kitchens are the most used room in the house and having a dull beige kitchen does nothing to lift the mood. So we need to brighten it up and make it look larger and more cheerful.

Brighten up Your Beige Kitchen


country kitchen with beige cabinets wood countertop and Terracotta hexagon flooring tiles

Use a light color on the walls to brighten the decor, cream, white, and buttercup yellow all help to reflect the light, and make the room look brighter.

Lighting Fixtures

beige kitchen cabinets with open shelves and pendant lighting

Diversify your lighting fixtures, have downlights in the ceiling. use some pendant lights hung at different heights over the food serving areas and island benchtops. These not only create light but draw the eye and create a talking point.

Image: Heidi Callier Design / Photography: Haris Kenjar


If your kitchen windows have old blinds or curtains they have to go, and just taking them down will make the kitchen look brighter. Consider Planter Shutters in white, they are easy to clean and they let light in.

Images: ELLEI HOME, Devol



Part of the problem may be that the area is small. If you want to make a kitchen look bigger, hang a large decorative mirror.

Image: 10 Mirror Over The Kitchen Sink Ideas


beige kitchen with no upper cabinets marble sink and gold faucet

Nothing makes your home fresher and brighter than a couple of indoor plants to purify the air and add color.

Philodendron Cordatum is an uncommon species, native to a small area in Southeastern Brazil. It is actually an attractive trailing plant, with heart-shaped emerald green leaves. This plant is easy to care for. Also can tolerate a higher level of neglect than most plants, and a lower level of light.

It will start climbing all around the kitchen surviving on a cup of water every week.

Your plant will grow well indoors in warm humid conditions. They will tolerate varying levels of light, and can actually survive with minimal light.

Moreover to make your kitchen look brighter place two hanging baskets from hooks in the ceiling. The choice of suitable plants is Maiden Hair Fern and other trailing green plants.

Try to Bring Outdoor In


If you have two or three doors leading off your kitchen think about removing one of them to make the space look bigger.

You may have a back door leading onto the garden, consider replacing this wooden door with glass so that the garden can be seen from the kitchen. Modern kitchens have totally changed and they all have a greater connection with outdoor areas, allowing plenty of light into the space.

Image: nordiska kok

Gold Hardware

two toned white and beige kitchen cabinets with gold pulls and knobs

Changing One Thing Can Change Everything In Kitchens. Consider to update your drawer pulls and handles to your favorite gold hardware. Not only are they an inexpensive way to refresh the appearance of your kitchen, but is the jewelry of the kitchen and looks wonderful in gold tones.

Image: Giani

Louver Door


Consider use a louver door, ( the same as your planter shutters) in different color.

Art Work

Purchase some bright kitchen artwork to hang on the walls. It needn’t be anything expensive, just colors that fit in with your scheme. For example you can use vintage art or motivational framed quotes.

Image: jean stoffer design

Copper Pots


Try to spice things up with some details, you can always bring the atmosphere you like with some accessories, and kitchen tools as copper pots. Hang your cookware just above your kitchen isle, add a stack of pots above your kitchen cabinets or showcase a few on open shelves. The charm of the French style make the copper cookware even more special.

Images: Devol kitchens


In conclusion the beige kitchen will become a distant memory and you will have a fresh clean and bright space to work in.

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