The Bohemian Spa Bathroom: 10 Ways to Get the Look

There are no fixed canons when it comes to Bohemian decorations, but there are various aspects that convey the authentic Bohemian design language, such as the eclectic combination of objects and patterns that are not orderly but tidy at the same time, as well as the blend of nature with synthetic elements and the use of ornaments that carry cultural significance in various specific parts of the world. With that said, there is a myriad of ways by which you may be able to transform your bathroom into a true Bohemian Spa Bathroom, and the best part is that it won’t necessarily involve major structural changes.

white boho bathroom with rattan shelving wood furniture 	mirror that look like window

Image: Kristina

Below, we’ll list 10 bohemian bathroom ideas we feel you may find interesting:

10 Bohemian Bathroom Ideas

1. Plants

modernboho bathroom wiyh brick wall wood look flooring tiles free standing tub apothecary cabinet and indoor plants

Placing a bit of greenery in strategic places really screams Boho and adds a very vibrant and lively face to your bathroom.

There are some great indoor plants that you may use to this effect, such as Aloe Vera or ZZ plants. Diversify your plant selection, as monotony does not match the Bohemian approach.

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2. Rugs

modern boho white bathroom with light wood vanity and colorful kilim rug

Another typical inclusion in every Bohemian bathroom. Rugs add texture diversity to your bathroom floor, which is another Boho trait and it’s a nice alternative to changing your floor tiles.


3. Art

small grey and white boho bathrom with free standing pink tub wall art gallery retro flooring tiles and plants

You wouldn’t have Bohemian bathroom decor without art, especially motivational framed quotes and vintage art. There are various ways to introduce this art into the design, such as creating a small wall gallery.

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4. Decorative Mirrors

tiny bathroom with black wall gold free standing sink and bohemian gold round mirror

Large square mirrors do not gel well with a Bohemian layout. Opt for irregularly-shaped mirrors or ones with a memorable frame. Also, multiple small mirrors can be placed instead of a single large mirror.

Image: @bungalow_and_bargains

5. Wooden Furniture

small bathroom with black and white wallpaper wood dresser vanity gold round mirror wood shelves and hanfing gold penant lights

You may try placing wooden benches, shades, baskets, or cabinets to revamp your Bohemian bathroom look. This is a great way to add more natural elements into the design for a true Bohemian feel.


6. Lighting

white and wood bathroom with brick wall and natural rattan pendant

You can place exotic chandeliers and diffused light sources that can communicate a Bohemian mood during evening baths. Aromatic candles arranged in a wicker basket really enhances the Boho atmosphere in your bathroom, especially in the midst of a spa session!

7. Colors, From Minimalistic To Exotic

black and white boho spa bathroom with candles

You can choose to go the minimalistic route and stick to a black and white bathroom. Or, you can go all in and choose vibrant tropical pigments with a wide array of different combinations to go in tandem with your chosen decor. There are no canons regarding colors, so you can get creative in this area.

8. Patterned Tiles

grey and white boho bathroon with wall art and Patterned Tiles

Replace the plain tile configuration of your walls and/or floor with patterned tiles, or at least try to place tiles of different tonalities and colors to liven up your bathroom area. Spanish or Moroccan tiles with classy mosaics really complement your Bohemian-styled spa bathroom.

Image: The Best Neutral Paint Color Combinations for Each Room in Your House

9. Wallpapers

Gone is the hype for minimalistic bathroom walls. If you want to skip maintenance bills you can just stamp a graceful wallpaper with lush patterns, paintings, and color combinations. These should preferably sport a classic vintage theme for authentic bohemian vibes.

Images: sprucing up MAMAHOOD, Joelle

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10. More is Better

boho bathroom with crystals and candles to hanging bird cages and bamboo macrame curtains

Minimalistic canons don’t apply in a Bohemian setting. You will benefit from adding as many decorative elements as possible, particularly those that reflect the Bohemian ethos. Baroque-style paintings, vintage birdcages, and yes, even statement chairs! Don’t skimp on those, either, and make sure all the pieces of decor fit the overall thematic framework.

Image: apartment therapy

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