Add French Style to Your Home with Moldings

In a home with moldings as a regular feature in every room, French chic makes each of this space exquisite and refined.

There are various French styles, country style and modern Parisian being the most dominant. Each French styled home with moldings, have their own peculiarities, but many of us would like to add this peculiar chic to our own homes. We would even go to the extent of transforming our whole home into a French patterned home. A combination of Provence, countryside or modern Parisian perhaps?


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How do we go about in achieving this look in our home with wall moldings as a distinct feature?


Mix the contemporary with the vintage and classic elements in every room to transform them into elegant French styled spaces. You won’t have to go into all the trouble of looking far and wide for mixing and matching too many components to achieve that chic and contemporary look simultaneously.

If you have a vintage apartment, restore the moldings on your walls, ceiling and fireplace but also fill up the area with minimalist, contemporary and 1950s to 1980s modern furniture and art. This is to achieve a contrasting but chic French look.


If you want that French look, opt for neutral colors and shades. Then infuse the interiors with gilded decor which produces a timeless French image.

Neutral hues make homes with wall moldings look larger and airier, which are qualities that are advantageous for any room. Neutrals also provide a great backdrop if you would like to add furniture and art of all types that doesn’t go against the French ideals.

Neutral tones can also be easily contrasted with dark furniture and art, or with classic gilded decor. Examples are gilded furniture legs or picture frames, and wow, the space would look great!


The French look is somehow achieved, in a way, with vintage decor. You wouldn’t imagine a modern Parisian room with moldings without some antique artifacts. Give yourself the freedom to add old but chic components like furniture, art or even a fireplace. If they need restoration, give instructions on their reconstruction to be refurbished with a tasteful touch. You won’t need a lot items, maybe 2 or 3 because vacant spaces also add to the mystery of your Parisian inspired room.


The spaces that you could imbue with that French look include the Living Room, the bedrooms, the fireplace and the library. Aside from the omnipresent moldings, add a mirror, a chandelier and let natural light seep in a little bit.

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