Washable Rugs: The Pros and Cons

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Rugs are usually a decorative problem; this is because they are one of the elements that most give life to an environment and creates good comfort. Still, we are usually concerned about their cleanliness.

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Forget about having to take your rugs to the dry cleaner because now you can have washable models that you can wash in your own home!

Washable rugs are a great revolution that will allow you to use them anywhere without worrying about dirt.

Machine washable rugs are a type of rugs that, thanks to the way they are created, can be folded or folded as if they were a blanket. Their dimensions and composition can fit perfectly into a washing machine, industrial or domestic.

Here we show you what are the pros and cons of washable rugs according to their type.

Washable plain colored long, medium, or short pile rugs:

These rugs are manufactured or created with mechanical looms in standard measures or on a roll; thanks to this, some models of this type of washable rugs can be cut and made to measure.

They are rugs created with synthetic hair, generally made of polyester.

The Pros or benefits:

Among the pros of this type of washable rugs, we can mention among the most prominent:

-They are a type of rugs that can have a long or medium pile, becoming pleasant to the touch and softer to the foot.

-Most of these models that can be found can be made to measure and cut, so there will not be a place or gap that prevents the use of this washable rug.

-This model can be found in a wide range of colors, among which would be: neutral tones, greys, lilacs, pinks. You can choose the one you prefer or the one that best suits your tastes or needs.

-They can be washed in a washing machine, with programs of up to 30 degrees, and without spinning. They have to be dried in the open air.

-It has a non-slip base and also a good grip on the ground, making them very practical for everyday use.

The Cons or disadvantages:

The cons that we have to take into account are:

-They cannot be made with measures larger than 200 centimeters wide. To have a large washable rug, you would have to consider the option of joining two or more rugs. However, a large machine washable rug would not make much sense because it may not fit in any washing machine.

-Because this type of rugs are manufactured on a type of loom in which they can only be woven in solid colors, this type of rugs cannot be found or is not available with drawings or designs.

Washable cotton fiber hand rugs

Cotton fiber bonded rugs have been in the making for a long time.

This type of washable rug, manual or semi-manual, is manufactured mostly in India. That is why they have a reasonably low price or appropriate to your budget.

The pros or benefits:

Among the benefits of this type of rugs we can mention:

-Thanks to the fact that they can be folded as if they were a blanket, you can keep them or store them in places with little space.

-They have a wide range of designs and combinations of pile heights, finishes, or colors.

-As they are made with cotton, they can be washed in washing machines with delicate programs of up to 30 � of temperature without spinning.

The cons or disadvantages:

The cons that we have to know about this type of washable rugs are:

-Long hair fibers become caked due to use.

-In themselves, they do not have a non-slip base, so it would have to be added elsewhere.

-It is a type of carpet for light or particular uses because they are not very resistant to abrasion or rubbing. It is for this reason that they are usually indicated as rugs for babies or children.

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