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A Rustic Scandinavian House

Rustic Scandinavian House

This rustic Scandinavian house doesn’t seem to get any better—that is, if you are comfortable with the low-ceilings. With angled nooks and crannies that dictate the shape of the rooms, this home is as original as it is humble.

When one enters, they are welcomed by rough white walls colorfully decorated by ethnic hangings. A floating wooden staircase stands to the left, and when one follows the waxed floorboards to the kitchen, they are enveloped by a low ceiling that gives off an instantly comfy feel. The counters are kept simple with black, but there is no lack in decorations—the small table is whimsically decorated with a patterned tablecloth, and small food containers line the tops of the cabinets.

The salon on the ground floor maintains the same wood flooring and low ceilings which are framed with thick columns of wood. Here, the walls are kept minimalistic with white, and low chairs and sofas create the impression of more spaciousness. With a fireplace and fresh, green plants placed at the corners of this living room, there is enough space for just about everything, including a luxury view of the outside and a piano.

Along with this, there is a small reading lounge that allows one to comfortably stretch over an arm chair (with a footrest) while reading one of the books plucked from the high shelf messily stuffed with books.
On the second floor, one is greeted with a bright red, tartan-inspired room with a solid white column in the center. It is especially on the second floor that we can appreciate the angled corners of the ceiling, which is especially seen in the gorgeous attic that has a peaked ceiling at the center. Here, one can enjoy having his or her own mini-office while appreciating carpeted flooring and ceiling. Light floods this room, as it does the cute bathroom where green and white dominate the scene. A green bathtub, leafy wallpaper and a white sink illuminate the bath area, helping to fight against the factor of small space. A bedroom mimics this ambiance, with floral wallpaper and heavy use of white furniture while keeping the color-scheme dark blue and white.

All in all, this house is a quaint and perfect house for those who enjoy the simpler approach to life. While using rich colors such as stark reds and greens, this Scandinavian house promises cozy winter mornings and perfect summer afternoons for everyone, as each can find his or her own space in the nooks and crannies of this two-floored gem.

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    Jim Zilligen

    Sold! Gotta know more. Cob and wood structure. The best, most cozy Hobbit house I’ve ever seen. Want to incorporate the flow of it into an “earthship”.

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