Modern Eclectic Scandinavian Interior Design

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Eclectic styles can be difficult to perfect and maintain. But,when designers are smart enough to balance their choices without going cliched, they are onto a winner. This 19th-century apartment is a great example of a blend of periods and styles. There are contemporary touches in the art, period-style elements like the fireplace, and some classic mid-century furnishings. But, the design goes further than just mixing key features.


Texture, Light, And Tone All Thrive In This Carefully Crafted Home

Unsurprisingly for such a stylish Scandi apartment, there is a highly-successful use of texture throughout the eclectic scheme. There are contrasts between the more rustic and comforting natural elements, like the treatment of the doors and other wooden elements, and the starker cleaner materials, like metal and glass. Along the way, there are just enough soft furnishings to bring warmth to what could have been a cold and uninviting scheme. The minimalist lines from the mid-century kitchen furniture balance with the plusher seating, throws, and faux furs. The contrast is more pronounced in the bedroom, where the soft bed linens marry with the single exposed brick wall. Again, while this could have been cold and unfriendly, it is actually rather alluring.

Of course, there is another clever benefit to using those reflective materials and glass elements. This is a home with the great privilege of many windows providing substantial natural light into the main living area. The subtle interior lighting bows down to this superior sunlight rather than fighting for attention. Meanwhile, the clean surfaces help bounce the light to illuminate the space with elegance.

With nowhere to hide, the interior design leans heavily on a clever use of tone and a sparing amount of color to separate the living spaces. The main living space focuses on natural tones and black finishing touches, with the odd splash of color and animal print to catch visitors off-guard. Once we reach the bedroom, it all becomes darker and moodier with some gorgeous gold accents. This is truly a room for the head of the household.


This Timeless Apartment Is One That Designers Can Take Inspiration From

Essentially, this is an apartment that walks a fine line with the success of an acrobat. It could have fallen into either a restrained Scandi style with typical choices or something that pushed too hard and went too eccentric. Instead, it is interesting, with just enough quirks and surprising touches to make it enviable and perfect for imitation.

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