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A Dynamic New York Skyline Apartment

Dramatic Yet Comfortable Urban Loft

Damask wallpaper patterns create a distinctive look in today’s modern styled decors. Actually, damask patterns were introduced in Damascus, Syria during the period of the Middle Ages. Most interior decorators utilize this type of design for a vintage or decorative look. In most instances today, this pattern is merged with modern furnishings and accents. The result is a room with fashionable appeal and charm.

This residence by James Thomas, is the epitome of highrise living. Cool style lined with sophistication, quality furnishings, and easy hues. City views are simultaneously relaxing and breathtaking. Therefore, the interior décor of homes with such fantastic views need little to highlight their exclusivity.

This private New York City loft has classic furnishings. Straight lines with a few rounded geometrics create a stoic atmosphere, yet it is tantalizing, alluring, and elegant. The outside has modular seating with wicker frames and a touch of greenery to instill a sense of nature. It’s simple and affable. It’s easy to envision yourself relaxing on a moonlit night with a glass of wine entertaining friends and family. It’s certainly a place to spoil yourself in the lap of luxury while being informal.

The living room consists of comfortable seating covered in a wool type fabric. The color is a difficult one to maintain; however, it suits the environment well. The room is probably used rarely; therefore, limiting the need to clean the off-white sofa and chaise lounge too often. The décor is urban chic, but subdued.

The bedroom is decorated with austere grey emphasized with a sheen of glamor. The velvety curtains and chaise lounge give the room a sophistication that makes it comfortable to use as more than a bedroom. It’s a reading room or simply an area to enjoy the view. There’s nothing overly fancy or bodacious. It’s just simple style with an elegant appeal.

The kitchen area is straightforward with Eurostyle cabinets, high chairs with wired backs for seating, and structured in a bar type ambiance. It’s easy living with simple kitchen utensils and appliances.

When floor-to-ceiling windows are part of the interior décor, the look is dramatic. All eyes are on the windows. With stunning views, there’s little else that needs to be done to give this apartment panache and fantastic style. The interior is kept simple without unnecessary distractions, keeping the look clean and crisp. As the adage goes “less is more,” and it’s no less apparent in this simple yet chic designed apartment.

Clean-lined furnishings, minimal accent pieces, and a fantastic sense of space, is what make this New York skyline apartment fascinating. Dark wood, frosted glass front storage consoles, exclusive lighting suspended from the ceiling, and long pleated curtains, turn the space into a dynamic living area, with highlights on quality and exclusivity.

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