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A Decor Like No Other

A Decor Like No Other

Decorating an apartment in bold colors, soft textures, and uncommon patterns takes plenty of forethought and ingenuity, and Zhenya Zhdanova, the decorator of this abode managed to pull it off fantastically.

What is so striking is the stunning azurite blue color used in the kitchen and minutely on the beautiful hardwood floor. If you are not familiar with this stunning mineral, it is closely affiliated with malachite, which is actually green. The blue azurite rock is rich in color and frequently used for fascinating jewelry pieces.

A floor of any shade other than neutral, is a gallant design choice. Floors are one of the most permanent parts of an interior. Therefore, it is vital that furnishings and wall color blend effortlessly. This is the reason why neutrals are so likable; however, when you choose to install or paint a blue floor such as the one in this abode, you are dedicating yourself to something unusual and extraordinary. Apparently, the designers of the interior here knew what they were getting into, and the result is marvelous!

The scale of the colors used in the design of the apartment go from rich pastel to deep shades that work together to bring about an eclectic layout that is intimate and cozy. The setting begins with the living room where a plush pink chesterfield sofa impressively sits. The chesterfield sofa is considered a classic piece in today’s homes. It’s timeless and glamorous. In fact, the sofa was originally created to allow men to sit upright comfortably as not to wrinkle their garments. The choice in accent pillows is interesting as well. The décor is a mix of modesty and play and it works!

The kitchen is the highlight. The rich shades blend flawlessly including the black fridge, table, and seating. The mixed-hued wooden floor seemingly absorbs all the colors, brings them together, and creates an amazing look. It’s lovely, straightforward, and unique.

In the new home décor of today, gray tones are all the rage. Whether a pewter grey, pale grey, or deep gray, it’s the decorator’s choice for accents and key furniture pieces at the moment. The grey theme in this home is carried into the lounge area with Louie the XIV type furniture and a storage chest imbedded with rustic style moldings in an antique cream-beige shade. In addition, the mirrored wall gracefully expands the space.

Another dimension to this beautifully decorated home is the mix of textures and patterns. The accent chair has mixed-and-matched patterns of fabric, while the accent rug exudes a contrasting pattern that works flawlessly in a quirky way. Fresh flowers, cooper hued lamps with dramatic shades, scalloped hanging lamp, and additional minute touches on the floors and walls, make this residence one-of-a-kind, never to be repeated!

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