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A Fashion Blogger’s Home Office

Fashion Blogger's Home Office

All work and no play is no fun at all, and not such a good environment to get you going through the day. The load becomes lighter with a brighter, nice and neat environment with all things pleasing to the eye. A place wherein one can breathe easily, with everything you need within reach and all that you love there to inspire you!
Fashion blogger Christine fromHello Fashion, has put in a nice play of colors and design into her home office and got exactly the look she wants. She has created a place where she does not seem to be working, but is celebrating her femininity and love for fashion with the lovely atmosphere imbued in her very own workspace. Who knew working can be relaxing, even cozy and comfortable? Have you actually tried doing your tasks barefeet?

Fashion Blogger's Home Office 2

Delight with the warm welcome as you enter the bright white room and step onto the rug that’s softer that what you can ever imagine. Centered in the room is a white desk, where a sleek Apple computer rests alongside some books, a lucite tape dispenser, and a stapler. A small plant mug-pot and silver flower vase sit on either side, while frames with vivid pictures lean against the wall in the backdrop, altogether giving life to the work things. At the right is a lamp with an elegant gold and white combination that’s radiant in itself apart from the luminosity it produces. It matches the huge wood framed chair laden with furry pillows to keep you comfortable as you work.
Fashion Blogger's Home Office 3

Beside the desk is a similarly white chair with dotted and striped pillows on the seat, and any guest would feel almost at home. Paintings with pastel accents composed of blues, pinks and corals give off a minimalist style in white rectangular frames hung upright. One small, very simple but striking framed Prada blends perfectly with the rest and renders a fantastic wall art.

Fashion Blogger's Home Office 4

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Look towards your right, and freshen up as you see yourself in the full body mirror and see your best self even at work. Look towards the left, and not only will you enjoy a nice outdoor view and embrace the warmth of the sun. You will fall for the beautiful view of an entire shelf brimming with stilettos in almost every color! They look stunning amidst the whiteness of the background. Woven baskets on the floor help keep things in order while adding a sense of style into the work area.

Photos by Emmy Lowe. In collaboration with Lulu & Georgia.

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