10 Ways To Turn Your Home Office Into a Space You Love

feminine black and white home office mood board idea

Having a home office is as interesting as it is fun. It’s a welcome departure from the normal cramped up space you have to deal with at the corporation. Whether it is cubicles or plush spaces, nothing beats a home office. Now that you have your own working space, how do you get it to look like it represents you? There are many things that go into a home office that transform the space into your own unique working area and keeps work from getting monotonous. This list of ten describes some of the very essential-and easy to apply, things that can model your home office into a space of your own.

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feminine home office idea

  1. Have some photos in frames

Having photos of the kids or a loved one is motivating and encouraging. These are the little bits in the office that lift your spirits when you are feeling like you were dragged into the place. Photos in beautiful frames can make the place feel welcoming, what with all the smiling faces.


home office framed-art decorating idea

  1. Incorporate the art you like

Unlike office buildings that pay little attention to the aesthetic effect of such things as art, there is no restriction to the number of artistic items you can have in a home office. That painting that you always thought would take your mind off things just by looking at it can now be there for you to look at. Find the kind of art you like and have it placed randomly in the office. All sorts of accessories are allowed, from sculptures on the desk to paintings and wall hangings-the only thing that matters is whether you like it or not.



Genevieve Gorder' s home office

  1. Bring in some plant life

Mother Nature has a way of creating serenity even in the most chaotic environments. Potted plants are a good way to add warmth to the space. Have a plant or two that you tend to with the utmost care-this also takes away the depressing nature of conventional office spaces. Aside from the fact that such plants drive you away from the typical, they improve the quality of the air we breathe.

Image: Genevieve Gorder‘s home office


Hide Office Equipment in Drawer

  1. Ditch ugly tech

If the gadgetry in your office does not catch the eye, then do yourself the favor and put it away. When it comes to the devices that you need for your work, have only what you like around. True, it might cost you some extra bucks but it helps to know that these are one-time purchases that will add to the beauty of your office. For people whose work is more visual, you can consider having a curved monitor that seems to wrap around you as you work.


feminine home office painting idea

  1. Paint it like you want it painted

One among the perks of having your own office is the concept of control over what goes where. It is then mandatory that your favorite color be the one that adorns the walls. Everybody thinking about the design of their new home office has a certain color that seems to be the most vivid and most used. This is the color you should most probably use. Coordinating that choice with your drapes or a few fixtures is a good way to play around with the colors you want in your office.

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home office lighting idea

  1. Get proper lighting

If you are lucky enough to have large windows, let all the natural light in. Contrary to conventional office lighting that can be utilitarian, your own office can have as much or as little light as you want. For office spaces without enough natural light, lamps will work just fine. Having fluorescent tubes sticking from the ceiling just won’t cut it here. Get some soft bulbs that can be placed anywhere from the desk to the walls and ceiling. Different desk lamps can also be used to the same effect. As for natural lighting, be sure to place your monitor away from glare.

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home office wall attractive command center

  1. An attractive command center

The customization does not stop with the lights. Find a system that allows you to customize your filling, magnet, chalkboard and bulleting components. This way even the manner in which you handle your documents is just as you would like it to be.


home office with fancy furniture

  1. Fancy furniture

The table and chair which (are the most important elements of the office) should not be plain when everything else is not. Get yourself comfortable and stylish furniture that blends well with the colors and other fixtures in the office. The fact that the room is in your home means it need not stray from the standards set by the rest of the place.

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home office colorful rug

  1. Comfy rugs

Commercial grade carpets are boring and as such have no place in a home office. Getting the rug that feels comfy under your feet and has elements of style too is the perfect way to complete the design. There is nothing better to keep you going even when you feel tired like a nice carpet that your feet can get playful with every once in a while.

Image:  Honey & Fitz for Ruth Eileen’s home office via Style Me Pretty


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  1. The power of the scent

A nice smelling office is enticing. It makes you want to be there even when you have no business being around. The scent plays a part in the ambient nature of the office. These scents can keep changing, depending on your mood and as a consequence enliven you as you work with different scents.

Image: Love Charmaine

A good home office is one that comes out just as you imagined it. Whether minimalist or all the way eclectic, it should always express your thoughts and individuality in a way only a space designed for you can.

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  1. Thank you for giving me the idea to place photos of my loved ones on my workstation to serve as my inspiration as I work. I’m thinking of looking for some clients who may need my services now that we’re still under community quarantine and I can’t go out to look for jobs. It might also be better if I can look for some office chairs I can purchase online so I can sit and work comfortably.

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