10 of The Best Vintage – Style Desks

Best Vintage - Style Desks
I love vintage style! A vintage desk can add character to any room. There is a class of furniture consumers with a preference for vintage desks. The problem comes in the fact that most markets are flooded with replicas and recreations of desks with old designs. The same also applies to Antique and retro style desks and other furniture. The fundamental difference between these old world styles for furniture is the age. Antique will be over a century old, vintage is less than a hundred years but more than 50 and retro styles will be less than 50 years.

Here are some of the ways on selecting the best vintage desks: Consider the theme of the house or the office. The Vintage desks that one obtains should add an aesthetic value to the room or office. Without taking into account the design of the vintage desk and the outlook of the room as well, you may end up with a cluttered look. This is to say one’s choice of vintage desk should blend to a certain degree with the looks of the finished room, the flooring style, artwork, windows, doors and so on. Examples of cohesive themes for vintage desks include futuristic or the mod look that is reminiscent of the 60s. Many interiors designers may already have awesome suggestions anyway.
Purchasing from a vintage furniture dealer versus designing one. True vintage desks can be found from flea markets, vintage or antique dealers, junk dealers and online auctions among others. For each location, there is a variation in price, quality and not to mention authenticity. Many reputable dealers may have techniques for restoring the value, serviceability and looks of vintage furniture. One can also get a reputable carpenter to make a replica of vintage desks. You may obtain the minimum and maximum dimensions depending on the location of the desk or simply get the expert to obtain the measurements for himself.
Pricing. One feature of vintage desks in particular and other furniture in general is the variation in pricing. Before undertaking to make any payments, take time to ascertain that is the right pricing. That can only be done if you review most of the prices offered at online auction sites and flea markets for antique, retro or vintage furniture. When it comes to online sites, however, the prices displayed may only be representative of what the highest bidder was willing to part with. Workshops that are truly dedicated to old world furniture and other items may be the only ones that have pricing guides that are truly reflective of the value of the items.
Modern improvements. As opposed to sticking the rigid old desk designs, vintage desks can be improved with modern features for enhanced ergonomic and comfort. Alternatively, a whole new desk can be constructed in vintage style. In fact, there are many furniture companies that would accomplish this all the while maintaining the genuine color, looks and style of original vintage desks.

Vintage Metal Industrial Desk

Vintage Metal Industrial Desk, $1,875.00. Go industrial with this vintage style metal desk. This metal desk will look great in any room. Made with wire mesh and distressed metal, this desk includes an attached metal stool that swivels in and out. Plenty of storage and real vintage industrial style.

Brooklyn Finest Vintage Industrial Desk

Brooklyn Finest Vintage Industrial Desk with Drawers, £895.00. desk is constructed from a metal frame and reclaimed boat timbers complete with markings of the paint or etchings of their previous use, making each piece unique and interesting. With strong real steel detailing this loft style living range is perfect for the most design led home.

Vintage steel tanker desk by SteelcaseVintage steel tanker desk by Steelcase. Heavy gauge steel, thats been stripped, hand polished and clear coated.

Vintage Industrial Desk  base

Vintage Industrial Desk  base with floor style adjustments.  Rescued from a Pre-World War II Factory, this chain driven adjustable table has been restored to create an eye catching table or desk.

Vintage mirrored desk with beveled glass pullsVintage mirrored desk with beveled glass pulls.

Vintage Desk with Leather Top

Vintage Desk with Leather Top. French desk with white washed finish, having a rectangular top with an inset cream colored leather writing surface embossed with gold Greek key pattern.

USA, 1930s, Vintage Industrial Knife Grinders Work TableUSA, 1930s, Vintage Industrial Knife Grinders Work Table.

Richards' Metal Trunk Desk

Richards’ Metal Trunk Desk , $2315 – $3295. After seemingly circling the globe, a canvas-clad steamer trunk landed at a famed European antiques market. It was battered and worn, but its careful construction and handsome detailing marked it as bespoke luggage, crafted in early 20th-century England for a traveler of discerning taste (a traveler whose name – according to the brass plate mounted above the latch – was Tom Richards). Plucked from potential obscurity, the trunk made its way to the workshop of Timothy Oulton, where it was painstakingly dismantled – every pin removed and measured, every hinge and brace scrutinized. And from that well-made, well-traveled trunk, a collection was born.

Oxford Radcliff Desk

Oxford Radcliff Desk.

Handmade Indoor Table- Desk

Handmade Indoor Table- Desk.

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