Amazing Office Decorating Ideas You Can Use Instantly

small home office with wall letter

Nowadays a lot of people work from home. A home office is often a must have for many employees out there. But, which office decorating ideas can you trust for your own case when there are more than plenty?

The answer lies in your general home decor, of course. The key is to have the office decor that will harmonically integrate into the rest of your home design. No matter the structure of it though, we are here to present you some great decorating ideas for your office. They are easy to follow and will definitely provide you with this modern design everyone loves!

This article is going to guide you through several smart ways to decorate your home office. After all, it is good to have a dedicated space where you feel comfortable and, above all, productive. Your office decor can really affect you in this part.

So, having this in mind, one can easily realize how important and beneficial would be for you to have an inviting working environment. An environment that will inspire and motivate you to successfully complete any task! That’s why we gathered some of the greatest office decorating ideas for you in one single article.

Why consider office decorating ideas

Suppose you suddenly started working from home. Or let’s say you have always worked like that. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have the right environment with the proper office organization? Even if you are in the comfort of your own home? We think the answer here is easy to guess.

Some of you might not have an extra room to dedicate to a home office. If that’s the case, you can turn a small space into a beautiful stylish office. There are several small home office ideas that you can employ in a corner of the house to produce your professional space. You don’t have to give up your workspace just because you live in a small space!

But how can you accomplish this? This blog post will guide you through this!

office decorating ideas with laptop

Some others, however, might be luckier and have the advantage of a desk or office space. Still, there can definitely be room for improvement for, let’s say, your office decor or office organization.

How can you put that into practice? Keep reading to find out!

Decide on the location of your home office

The location of your home office is a key factor that contributes to how good your work-from-home experience will be. For example, if you choose to implement your desk ideas in your bedroom, it might not be that good of an idea. Why? Well, your bedroom is the room of the house where people often associate it with relaxation and calmness. Having your home office in there, might really affect the way you work and how motivated you can be.

Similarly, you might not be able to relax when you finish work and spend some time in your bedroom. And that’s because the stress and pressure you get from the home office might affect you subconsciously. However, there is a way to hide all that stuff whenever you want with some great examples right below. And just like that forget about the working part when you enter your beloved bedroom.

office decorating ideas with shelves

Also, another spot that you should avoid is the bathroom area. Implementing office decorating ideas near your bathroom or toilet isn’t a good idea. It might not result in the most productive version of yourself, as you might understand.

Your home corners make for great office decorating ideas

There are other spots you can take advantage of, though. This part is mainly for those who don’t have a room solely dedicated for working purposes. So in this case, are there any other options available? Yes!

For example, you can take advantage of a small corner of your house. Oftentimes, we are so busy decorating the other parts of the house, that we neglect some small spots that can be of great interest. Your house’s corners and nooks are some great instances here. The photos below perfectly illustrate the aforementioned example.

office decor in corner

First, notice how stylish this home office decor is. Simple, yet beautiful and quite impressive the way this person has managed to take up that space and create something quite interesting. The shelf is used for the working surface, placed right in front of the window.

Best Practice: It’s nice to have near your stylish office some source of natural light. This has two main advantages. First, the light helps your eyes get less tired. And second, you can take a look outside just for the sake of getting a quick rest. Office work can be exhausting at times, so why not try it?

The exact same goes for this office decor, as well. A small surface for your laptop is placed right in the corner. Some small open shelves are used for storing your most important books and documents, too. A smart move here is the use of the curtain! Anytime the sun is making it harder to look at a screen, just open it to block the unwanted light.

And what about when you’re working overnight? We wouldn’t recommend doing so, as we said natural light is healthier than sitting in the dark. However if you must get the job done use a simple, cute lamp to bring the brightness you want in your home office.

small home office near window

Awkward nooks turned into great office decor

Have you got any awkward nooks in your home? Then it is time to use them smartly! Check out the ideas below that will fuel you with the right inspiration for such cases.

small home office in a nook

Convert an awkward little nook into a home office. See how in this example this wall shelf is perfectly used as a desk. But this is not a simple shelf as you can see. It encompasses some drawers as well so that it can successfully serve as adequate working surface. You can play with two-tone equipment,  like black and white desk ideas as in this example. Also the combination of this with the small red drawers makes it one of the most stylish office ideas.

pastel office nook

Another way to convert an awkward little nook into a home office is by installing sturdy shelves. Especially if the goal is to fill them with heavy books and stuff that weigh too much. However, you can also add some vases in different colors each, so that there is some diversity in bright colors.

Tip: You can use pastel colors for the background of your office design. And then add some sprinkles of bolder colors to create some balance and break the monotony. This falls into the category of office art but is still relevant when it comes to good office decorating ideas!

Use your closet as your office

You read that right! Have you run out of space and are at a loss as to where to place you home office? Your closet can be ideal for your preferable office design. It is a space saver, without doubt. Once you finish your work, place the chair inside of it and close it. If you have designed the closet in a way that camouflages its existence, then no one will know that you actually have a stylish office right inside your house.

closet as home office

Check this one for example. This contains a cute color tone that makes the office look very inviting. Imagine working in a space like that? Wouldn’t that help you be more productive and have stronger motivation? Of course it would. If you, for any possible reason, dislike this color, you are free to choose your favourite one and use that instead.

The open shelves serve as storing important objects here. Anything from books to boxes or a clock, to help you keep track of your time. Both closet doors are used for pinning important stuff like calendars, notes, post-it and so on. As you can see there are also some lined up drawers, ready to be filled with the necessary material depending on the type of your job.

small home office in a closet

The same goes for this one. If you don’t want to overdo it, you can skip the part where you fill the closet doors with your notes. This makes the office design less noisier.

Tip: Go ahead and place some photos of your favourite people in your home office, whatever that is. Seeing your family, firends, or partner when you are stressed out can really help you relax and feel better instantly.

Take advantage of your hallway

Except for entering the house and connecting the rooms, can a hallway be used for any other case? Well as you can imagine, it can! Office decor can successfully be part of your hallway if you implement it carefully enough.

In this example, you can use sliding doors to hide that space as well. However this doesn’t mean that leaving it in plain sight is a bad thing to do. On the contrary, actually. You can do as you wish, as long as there is a harmonical combination prevailing.

white closet home office

For instance, here you can see how well this office decor is incorporated in the hallway with doors. It follows the exact same color as the rest of the house and has a good office organization pattern.

small home office with wall shelves

On the other hand, in here we have another example that is in open space. Does it look bad? Not at all, apparently. It is great the way wall shelf frames are used for storing useful stuff and leaving the main surface clean and organized.

As you can see, in both cases office organization is feasible. The key here lies in which one you prefer mostly. And also, which one best matches the rest of your home decor. Once you make these two decisions, you’re good to go.

You can use your dining room table

When you don’t want to get out of budget, it’s beneficial to use some of your existing furniture and equipment for your office ideas! Office design can be easier that way. Take into consideration, though, that if you don’t have much space then it’s good to use a small table so that it is easier to fit it somewhere.

Another advantage of this office art is the fact that you get the chance not to be too official. Who needs to be that official, actually, when you have a home office? The point is to create a good atmosphere that will allow you to work properly. Whatever that means. For some it might be to place certain objects all around. For others, it might mean having a very clean office. And for others it means to have the same futniture used. Just like how you would work if you didn’t have an office but still had to complete tasks at home.

With that in mind, you could also use your dining room chair as your office chair. And as a result, you will have an office design easily made. Another good point is that with this trick you won’t have to worry about conflicting decor ideas. It is definitely killing two birds with one stone!

dining room table and chair for home office

Now this is a good example. The combination of all these create a stylish office with a vintage touch. With the right office organization this can be one of the most suitable office decorating ideas. This can also be implemented in offices with a modern design, too.

Extra-tip: For your notes, you can make a diy board covered with shutters. This will give the idea of a window when you close them. Thus adding some more elegance to the whole room.

Add brightness with pendant lights

Like we mentioned before, the right brightness is key when working in an office. Sometimes, the long exposure to light coming off the screen can really affect the quality of your work. So how can you prevent it? By bringing on some more light, of course. Sure, the natural light coming form your window is beneficial and very helpful. But what about the cloudy days or the times when you work late in the evenings?

Pendant lights is the optimal solution here. If you think about it carefully, they don’t only serve as a lighting source. They are also a great way of creating some appealing office art! What we mean by that is that they can be used as decorative material. Thus adding some modern touches to your contemporary office (or any other office style).

Use your favourite wallpaper for your office decor

Creating a friendly atmosphere should be your main goal (except for the practicality) when it comes to your office decor. Another office idea you can use in this particular case would be to place a favourite wallpaper all around the home office area. As amazing as it sounds, it can really boost your creativity and fill you with the right energy to start the day and keep going.

For instance, here you can see how completely transformed this office design is! The wallpaper has turned the space into a beautiful nest that embraces all your hard work! Just by looking at this wallpaper, doesn’t it make you feel better, no matter how the job is going? It can get your mind off things, maybe for a couple of seconds or minutes.

wallpaper as an office decorating idea

This is not to say however that you should use this exact wallpaper pattern. For example, you could use a beach-themed wallpaper, that will turn your overall experience into the feeling of being at the beach!

Hint: Your office decor can be completely different if you don’t only focus on the decor part. You can use your favourite sounds, like music, and your favourite scents, like lavender or mint to freshen up the place. After all, the other senses can equally affect the quality of your work. Anything that will make you feel comfortable, can and should be used here!

Hanging plants in office decorating ideas

Another thing that would really boost your productivity is plants. Having parts of the natural world in your home office can go a long way towards improving your working experience.

First of all, plants clean the air. It is significant to let the air of your working space circulate so that there is fresh air and oxygen coming in. Actually, every room of your house should have plants. But most importantly, your office, as it is the area where you are supposed to spend much of your daily time.

Secondly, hanging plants beautifully decorates the office. They make it look attractive and more inviting than anything else. Plants definitely make for amazing office decorating ideas! Just try them out and you will notice the difference.

As a result of all this, your stress levels will become lower. As research shows, more and more employess become happier in their working environment when there are plants in the area. And imagine what that could do when that environment is your own home! The relaxation will most likely increase. And you know what that means. Less stress, less worries, more motivation and energy of course!

Use a portable office design

Wait, is this even a thing? The answer is yes! If none of all the mentioned ways don’t suit you, then why not try some portable desk ideas? Sure, in this instance you can’t be as flexible as in other cases, but it’s still something you could try. Especially if you live in a small studio apartment where the space is extremely limited.

Now this one looks like a suitcase. You can open it whenever you want to work and then close it once you are finished. There is enough space to place your screen and also some features like shelves where you can place anything you want. Moreover, the drawers seem to be very handy as you can save plenty of stuff in there.

And after the working day is over, you can close it and place it somewhere safe. Great, isn’t it?

portable home office

Some final words

These were some of the main office decorating ideas that you can use in your own home. Most of them are simple, budget-friendly and don’t require much effort.

It is important to remember how a home office can help you if you work from home. But even though you don’t have a spare room to use it like that, you might as well find some other ways. Like the aforementioned ones. Honestly, the list is endless when it comes to how to have a good looking office decor.

home office decor in yellow wall

The location is a good point to start with, however, this isn’t a deciding factor for your desk ideas. Sure, some places will help you be more productive than others, but it all has to do with the decoration and the vibe you get from that spot. For example, you can even have a stylish office in your bedroom, even though it is not highly advisable. A good idea would be to cover it up within your closet, as you saw.

small home office 15 interior design ideas

Corners and nooks are a great spot you can start with. Considering the fact that in most cases they are not used properly, you can make good use of this spot for office decorating ideas.

You can also create a great home office by using your existing furniture to decorate it. Other low budget ideas would be to add some lights, plants or even a wallpaper. Portable office ideas are also a way to go if you have a limited space and still want to have a proper office.

minimal home office decor
small home office 9 interior design ideas

Create home office space in a closet.

office decorating idea with circular desk for laptop
small home office and chair

A table like this would work great in a small home office.

No matter the case, as you saw there are plenty ideas you can implement. We hope this article can assist you in finding the right office decorating idea for your own home.

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