The 45sqm Nest of Comfort

scandinavian contemporary small apartment

Who says that the larger the home, the better? This 45 square meter apartment certainly makes it clear that sometimes, less can mean more. All it takes is the efficient use of partition, the right color scheme, and modernist touches to transform a mere small space into the perfect little nest for those who like to keep things simple.

When dealing with limited space, doors and walls will enclose areas to make them appear more constricted, so the clever use of partitions that the designing team INT2 Architecture has implemented here makes all the difference. The bedroom no longer becomes a simple “room”, but a sacred space that, with its soft hues of pink and warm lights, adds a romantic touch to the modernist apartment. Clothes, shoes and everything else can go into the minimalist closet hidden inside of this “room”, but the real storage trick lies in the sliding drawers underneath the bed. By making the wood material of these drawers the same as the flooring of the bedroom, clutter can be stored away with the most natural touch.

After waking up in this apartment, you’ll get out of bed and step down into the living room area that retains the modern feel of the small apartment with the use of white, brick walls. Industrial yet clean, the use of white makes the room appear more spacious and less restrictive. Touches of color here are kept from going overboard; the cool tones of blue, pastel green and browns of the furniture adds freshness without overwhelming the naturally well-lit area.

The kitchen is everything that a kitchen should be: clean, organized and efficient. Again, we see the generous use of white that integrates this vital section of the apartment into the rest of the space, making transitions from each section of the house to be a natural process. The use of funky wall tiles is an interesting touch, and the modernist is kept satisfied with a large painting that makes up for the lack of windows. Perhaps the counter that connects the kitchen to the living room is the most endearing space of it all, with enough spaces of storage for wine bottles, glasses and kitchen ware. A modern barista-styled black chalkboard wall adds fun decoration, and makes the corners of this wall a non-obstructive feature.

With such little space for storage and shelves, there’s no such thing as extra space! This apartment’s clever use of narrow spaces for shelving erases all corners out of the picture. The bathroom makes for a relaxing delight, with its creative use of wood and witty wall tiles to help you cleanse the body and mind at any time of the day. Light colored wood, the color white and lush greens are the best touches for any home, yet this gem of an apartment shows us that it doesn’t have to all be in its literal forms: paintings of green plants, white furniture and nature-styled shelving are what makes this place like no other.

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