37 Inspiring Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

When Christmas comes around, we all look to get the largest and best tree to decorate. However, the decorations are ultimately what makes a successful Christmas tree. Whether you’re looking for glam Christmas ornaments or  simple Christmas tree decoration ideas this is for you!

purple cristmas tree decorating ideas

Don’t be afraid to experiment, and bring some fashionable Christmas colour into your home this year! Dreaming of a…purple!

Unique Christmas tree decor and designs

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christmas treedecoratin ideas 2
christmas treedecoratin ideas 3
christmas treedecoratin ideas 4

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christmas tree decorating ideas 5

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christmas tree decorating ideas 7

Blue and silver decorated Christmas tree.

christmas tree decorating ideas 8
christmas tree decorating ideas 9

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christmas tree decoration ideas 10

Bring a message of peace and nature with this grand ornament crafted of iron cast in the shape of twigs.

christmas tree decoration ideas 11

These snowy creatures bring a winter wonderland feel to the holiday tree. They’re handcrafted from natural buri fibers that replicate the look of real fur.

chrismas tree decoration ideas 12

Alternating matte and glitter stripes create an interplay of textures on this richly colored glass sphere.

christmas tree decorating ideas 13

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Baby's First Christmas Tree decorating ideas

Baby’s First Christmas Tree decorating idea.

t Christmas Tree decorating ideas 15

This classical decorating idea artificial pre-lit Christmas tree is decorated with vintage ornaments in gold and red.

christmas tree decoration with purple peacock feather and blue butterfly theme

Fabulous purple peacock feather and blue butterfly theme! In this somewhat unconventional use of peacock feathers accented by bluey-green and gold shades are repeated in the ribbon and ornamental glimmering gold balls.

christmas tree decorating ideas 17

This pre-decorated artificial pre-lit Christmas tree features many glittering tree ornaments that are surrounded with little elves and beautiful angels! The sheer green ribbons add to the classy look of this tree.

christmas tree decorating ideas 18

This cozy Christmas tree decorating idea is sure to evoke feelings of a quaint country cabin.

christmas tree decorating ideas 19

Warm and inviting christmas tree decoratin idea! The rustic autumn colors used are copper and gold with generous amounts of turquoise and splashes of pink.

christmas tree decorating ideas 21

This white artificial Christmas tree is pre-lit and has many wonderful white ornaments to compliment the theme. Notice the icicles, white angels, white roses and pine cones. This decorating idea would look great in any home, regardless of color schemes! Always a fun way to evoke the comfort of a wintery wonderland, white Christmas trees are easy to decorate, and brighten any room!

Some controversial ideas for your ideal Christmas tree

christmas 20 tree decorating ideas

Pale silvery mauve, sage-green and silver christmas tree decoraing idea. Gold mesh ribbon has been wound through the branches to act as a garland. Sprays of dried flowers, painted silver and used as decoration add interesting texture to this great free Christmas tree picture.

christmas tree decorating ideas 22
christmas 23 tree decorating ideas

Image: bower power blog

christmas tree decorating ideas 24

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christmas 25 tree decorating ideas

Lime green tree decorating idea.

christmas tree decorating ideas 26

White Christmas trees are definitely not traditional but are becoming more and more popular. They bring a dreamy, white, winter feel to the home and are perfect for displaying special ornaments. Or they can just enhance a favorite color. Besides being beautiful, they are also very easy to decorate. These trees go well with almost any color.

A simple white Christmas tree adorned with bright blue ornaments makes a big statement. Blue is a natural winter color complement for white. But why not decorate in the color you love the most, or that best suits your current décor?

christmas tree decorating ideas 27

Star Christmas tree theme is very easy to do and is also pretty inexpensive. Cut stars from gold, silver and red card stock in two different sizes. Hang the star ornaments on the tree with ribbon, and finish off the decoration with traditional small candles.

Legend has it that candles were first placed upon the branches of a Christmas tree to replicate twinkling stars in the night sky. True or not, this fits perfectly with the starry theme.

Christmas trees with special ornaments and colors

christmas tree decorating ideas 28

Similar to black Christmas trees, pink trees can be glamorous and chic when done in the right way. You have to be very careful choosing the colors of the ornaments. The reason is because a very colorful and busy palette can make the tree look kitschy.

Some of the most appropriate colors for a pink tree are white, silver and gold. They just highlight its beauty and do not take the visual interest away from the tree itself. Pink-colored lights, as well as silver and white are also appropriate and look elegant.

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christmas tree decorating ideas 29
christmas tree decoration ideas 30

Silver Christmas tree.

christmas tree decoration ideas 31

white cristmas decorating ideas 33
pink diy tulle christmas tree

Pink, diy,  tulle christmas tree. Instructions by wwvisions.

christmas tree decorating ideas 35

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christmas tree decorating ideas 36

A Fashionista’s Christmas Tree.

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christmas tree decorating ideas 37

Black Christmas tree.

christmas tree decorating ideas 38

Family Photos: a great way for Christmas tree decoration

christmas tree decorating ideas 39

Celebrate the season anew with a Frosty the Snowman-inspired Christmas tree.


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  1. Last Christmas my best friend gave me a really nice wooden Christmas ornament. It had my name and a picture of a reindeer engraved on it. It was super cool and I found out that a firm out in Colorado called Unique Custom Products made it. I am considering ordering from them this year…check them out if you like wooden item

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