10 Ways To Make a Large Masculine Studio Apartment Look Like Luxury Hotel

Luxury may seem like a hard look to achieve, but it actually relies on a few details which are easy to arrange. If you’re wondering how to make your apartment look like a hotel, then this article is for you. In this guide, we’ll take you through 10 ways that you can transform your masculine studio apartment to give it the appearance of a luxury hotel. Keep reading to see how!

Ways on how to change your masculine studio apartment

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special brown walls and a black bed

Beautiful Wallpapers

A first step in making your studio apartment look like a hotel is to pay careful attention to the walls. You may want to choose a couple of accent walls to wallpaper with a 3D elegant-looking pattern. Go for something classy and timeless, like geometrical motifs. Most importantly, make sure that you choose great quality wallpaper that feels expensive to the touch. This is a small detail that can actually make a big difference.

curtian around the bed as a masculine studio decor

Beautiful Paint

We don’t recommend that you wallpaper your whole studio with patterns. Instead, try to have most walls in a neutral color. However, you’ll still want to pay attention: a good quality paint job can make a real difference in the look and feel of the place. Choose colors which have a certain depth and richness to them. Matte or glossy, choose a finish that complements the room and will make it look more elegant.

Image: Mauritzhof Hotel

special masculine home design with a white sofa and a bookshelf

Minimalist Furniture

Having a luxurious look doesn’t mean that you have to go over-the-top. Instead, focus on simple, well-made furniture. A few pieces like a very minimalist armchair or table can make a huge difference, giving the whole room the appearance of a designer studio. In short, choose your furniture carefully and remember, less is more.

man sitting in his masculine apartment


An apartment is never complete without some decoration but again, be careful not to go overboard. Use simple, beautiful decorating ideas like a large painting, an antique clock or photography art. Trust your own taste, but be careful that all the colors in the apartment match: you are looking for a sleek, unified look.

blue sofa and glass living room tables

Accent Colors

Although it’s good to keep all your walls in neutral colors, you’ll have to make sure to add a bit of pop too. A masculine studio apartment can easily be brought to life with an accent color in the form of a brightly-painted wall, or of a colorful piece of furniture. For an even richer, more luxurious look, you may want to choose gold, rose gold or silver as your accent color. These colors easily add an aura of sophistication to a room.

Image: studia 54

special lighting ideas in a two-floor 
 masculine apartment


What is a luxury hostel without a few chandeliers? You don’t have to spend a fortune on a large piece, but do make sure that you get a chandelier made out of good quality material. The line between luxurious and tacky can be a thin one, so when in doubt, go for a smaller, more minimalist but very well-made piece.

photo frames and two brown arched chairs


To turn your bachelor pad into something more grand, something as simple as a carpet can truly do wonders. Invest in a large, plushy carpet that is soft to the touch. This simple, sensory addition will make the whole place feel more fancy and indulgent.

home bar and a sofa


You can add a cocktail prep area or you can turn part of your kitchen counter into a minibar.

miele coffee machine

Coffee station

A luxury hotel room wouldn’t be complete without a coffee station.

masculine apartment idea


Finally, pay attention to small details. A couple of vases with flowers in your living room, bedroom and bathroom can make a place feel expensive. Not only do they lighten up a room, they also add a touch of color, and enliven the atmosphere. So don’t hesitate to keep your apartment decorated with flowers, it doesn’t make it look less masculine, only more elegant.

Once you give some thought into how to decorate your bachelor pad, you’ll find that it’s pretty easy to make it look like a real luxury hotel. Just pay attention to details, and to the quality of materials and texture which you use. Luxury is all about creating an atmosphere of abundance, and a clean, elegant look. We hope that this article has shown you how achievable it actually is.

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