10 Ideas for a More Organized Home

Ideas for a More Organized Home

They say that an organized home equals an organized mind and I definitely believe that this is the case. If you struggle with keeping your home in good order, then you might need some assistance. Below you can find 10 ideas for a more organized home. You will find after putting these in place, that in addition to your home looking more spacious – you will also feel so much better as a result of it.


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1.De-clutter your home regularly, keeping it is minimalist and modern as possible. When going through your belongings, you really need to be ruthless. Anything that you do not used anymore should be thrown, giving to charity or sold. Keep in mind that possessions isn’t what makes a home, it’s the people that you share it with. Obviously if anything is overly precious to you, put them in a box and store them away out of sight.

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2.Give each room a purpose and stick to that purpose. So many people have a dining room with a table and chairs that they don’t even use, they just pile items onto it. By giving every room a “job”, everything will have a place and you will feel so much more organized.


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3.Your bedroom is where you rest your head, so you should feel as comfortable there as possible. Ensure that you have large wardrobes to hold your clothes and shoes. This will help ensure that your floor does not become an obstacle course. If you have a bed that is raised off the floor, buy some small but wide storage boxes to keep bits and pieces that don’t quite have a home.

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4.Use bathroom baskets and organizers to use in your bathroom to store toiletries and other items that are used on a regular basis. Your local Ikea should be great for these kind of storage items but you can find them almost anywhere. The holders that clip onto sinks look modern and you can even get ones that fit your color scheme.

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5.Have a rack for coats/jackets in the hallway by the front door and also have pegs to hang your keys on. Not only will this stop you losing these commonly used items, it will stop unnecessary clutter in your front room.

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6.Use light modern colours and vacumn regularly. Clean walls and clean floor means that your rooms look larger, more spacious and are relaxing to be in. White walls with a few pictures are definitely the right option if you are a homeowner and in the position to decorate. In addition to this, ensure that floors are vacuumed and mopped (if wooden flooring) on a daily basis to further enhance the room.

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7.In regards to your kitchen, it can be really easy to keep all your appliances out on your counters but this doesn’t look good and they can get in the way when cooking. For appliances that you use once a fortnight or less, put them away in your cupboards after each use. This will only take a few minutes to do and will make your kitchen be more organized.

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8.If you are a lover of candles, ornaments and other nic-nics. Use the rule “1 in, 1 out”. This means after you buy an item, get rid of one that you already have. This will force you to think before you buy items, as to whether they really have a place in your home and if they do, make space for them first!Image: KALLAX Shelving unit, $49.99.

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9.With all the technology and the products that go with this in the average home, it’s a good idea to use a cord organizer with those important wires. Cords look messy and they can also be dangerous, so it’s vital to keep them together with an organizer or you can make a one-stop charging station for all your kitchen tech needs. You should also go through your appliances regularly and if you don’t need something anymore or it doesn’t work, throw it away to make further space in your home.

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10.The sofa is where you entertain guests and spend a lot of your time but don’t overload this item with cushions. Three cushions that match your decor is all you really need as sofas can become a sneaky hiding place for remotes and other small items.

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