Dramatic Homely Decor

Dramatic Homely Decor

A large space graced with stunning furnishings, high ceilings, and unique particulars, is what this home exudes. It’s a stunning example of pure elegance trimmed with shabby-chic overtones. For example, the spectacular living room has a long stressed console decorated with foliage, artwork, and additional fine objects. The herringbone floor is radiant in a cappuccino hue, and the fireplace adds a certain warmth and comfortableness.

The entire dwelling takes on the dramatics of large furniture pieces such as the white glistening dining table and huge glass front kitchen cabinet. The black matt veneer is arresting. It’s sleek, quiescent, and genteel. It’s a bold step to create a kitchen with such prominent black features. The color black is usually viewed as an introspective, secretive color. Nevertheless, this kitchen has managed to pull off the unthinkable and made black an expressive, affable hue. It’s certainly a kitchen anyone would enjoy cooking, eating, and socializing in. The overall black effect is stunning and practical!

In the entire home of interior designer Malin Persson, you will find relaxed décor in neutral hues with splashes of pastel shades. Unexpected touches like exposed brick in the bedroom area and the freestanding cast-iron tub in the bathroom are wholesome attributes that highlight this home’s uniqueness. What’s more, the accent rug is an exceptional addition in the bathroom as it is not the emblematic rug you associate with this type of room. However, it works! The overall feel of the bathroom is vintage and the accent rug extends that theme to aplomb!

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Homely touches spring to life in various nooks in the apartment. For example, the wall in the office room is covered with photos depicting various objects and people. Beautiful fabrics with blossoming prints lay casually, while the rest of the space is filled with simple utensils. It’s an easy going corner of the home, somewhat like a hideaway for work and contemplation.

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The staircase continues the theme with black balusters stained to match the beauteous charcoal theme that resonates in the kitchen area. The architecturally significant woodwork of the banister is outstanding. It’s more like a large piece of artwork designed with a practical purpose. It’s gorgeous!

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Exposed brick near the bedroom enhances the inviting, homely ambiance of the residence without taking away from its contemporary appeal. It’s a strategic move that works perfectly with the overall structural design of the dwelling.

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This home has a fantastic personality. It transudes elegance, opulence, and earthiness simultaneously. It’s a place to live and to admire with its distinctive furnishings and objects placed in unison, making it a superb home filled with and combining the beauty of interior design with easy living.

Images: Milk Photos : Petra Bindel

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