4 Tips to Create a Cool Outdoor Space

Cool Outdoor Space

An outdoor space is second to kitchen as far as order of priority renovations is concerned. However, it needs not to be expensive if you know how. Depending on the space you have and how elegant you want your outdoor space to look, the costs can vary significantly. If you do not care much about quality and you only want to use furniture and other local accessories, your local hardware store can help. However, if you are planning to transform your outdoor space into something big and beautiful, be prepared to have a big budget for various items.

Nowadays, patio furniture is not just a bench. It is a lifestyle that includes bar sets, dinning sets and various accessories. It can be made from several types of material that include aluminum, teak, plastic, all weather resin wicker and so on. The collection in the market is so wide that it can sometime become intimidating. If you want to make the very best of your outdoor space, here are some tips to help you plan.

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Cool Outdoor Space 2

1.Identify the main activity that you want to do outdoor. Identify whether it is for entertaining friends, dining, or is it just for you and your family members to relax. Nowadays many people prefer to have a collection because it unique and looks amazing outside. You can decide to have outdoor dining set first, then get other items in collection later.

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2.Decide the materials you love. There are many materials you can use that include wood such as (teak, mahogany, balau, eucalyptus, cedar, pine), metal such as (cast aluminum, steel, iron), resin such as (includes synthetic wood or polyethylene), stone such as natural and synthetic) among many others. But remember there are pros and cons for each type of material you choose. You decision should be depend on various factors like where you stay (mountain or coastal) and if you have small kids or not.

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3.Most patio furniture comes with cushions. However, you have an option to purchase the cushions later. Normally you can still do without seat pads for your dining chairs lounges but cushions are important to provide comfort. If you have to choose cushions, choose them according to your taste. Most ready-made cushions are made of polyester. They come in different colors and may last for a couple of years. But for customized cushions which are expensive, they can last for more than a decade. They have many color choices and beautiful since they are customized according to your taste and favorites. Some of the most know are Sunbrella and Outdura among many others.

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4.Do not forget to light up your garden space. But remember to look for all weather resistance lamps. There are many different lamps that are beautiful and very affordable.

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Whatever you select to do with your outdoor space, a fresh-air outdoor area is an easy and much less expensive way to spread your home. A time spent outdoors provides the feeling of a mini-vacation just a few steps from your house.

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