10 Fast Ways To Update Your Kitchen

Kitchens are almost always the last room in the house to get attention when you’re redecorating or updating rooms one by one. In fact, sometimes we’re guilty of leaving it out of the updates altogether and going back through the house again, swearing we’ll get to the kitchen this time around. But we rarely do. And that’s because kitchen update ideas aren’t easy to come by. It feels like a hard task that’ll involve a whole renovation. Well, you’re in luck, because today we’ll show you 10 easy kitchen updates that’ll make your kitchen feel fresh and uplifted, without having to remodel a thing. Ready to find out how? Then let’s get to it below!

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1. Open Shelving


The quickest way to update your kitchen is with kitchen open shelving. It’s incredibly modern, right on trend, and makes a lot of sense. We spend so much money on pretty dinner plates and nice crockery, and we only see them three times a day if we’re lucky. Well, open shelving actually makes them a feature of the kitchen and that can be really refreshing.

Find yourself some shelves and put them up on some unused wall space. Just make sure they’re thick so you know everything won’t come crashing down, and have a handyperson come along to fit them for you if you’re worried about doing it yourself. Even with paying someone to do it for you, this kitchen update is inexpensive and simple to do!

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2. Paint Your Cabinets


Obviously you won’t want open shelving for everything, and a lot of stuff in your kitchen simply looks better in cabinets, so they’re out of the way. Well, why not update the cabinets themselves then? Sick of that off-white color? That’s fine, you can easily update the cabinets to a new neutral color, such as a slate gray, and still make an enormous improvement to your kitchen.

And if you’re really tired of your old kitchen, choose a bolder color instead. Navy blues, bold reds, and bright yellows all work in kitchens because you don’t have to spend all day looking at them. That burst of color can really wake up a space and make it feel vibrant and exciting again, without the headache-inducing effects they can sometimes have in living areas.

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3. Lighting Is Key

;ight grey kitchen with gray tiles gold jandles and lighting ideas

Whenever you’re looking to update a space quickly for cheap, look at the lighting. What type of lighting do you have in the kitchen right now? Is it a warm yellow or a bright white? Obviously there are more colors you might have, but if you change it up to a different lighting effect, you might see the kitchen in a whole new light…

Also, think about adding some under cabinet lighting. They’re simple enough to add nowadays, and you can even use some adhesive spotlights to just stick some lights underneath them. These are great for kitchen updates because it mixes up the lighting and casts new shadows over the kitchen, making the place feel new, with very little work.

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4. A Lick Of Paint


Of course, the most obvious kitchen update ideas will always tell you to paint the walls. But if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and we’re going to tell you the same thing. It’s amazing what a lick of paint can do to a room to transform it into a new, exciting space again.

You can go with bold colors for your kitchen, or keep things fairly neutral. Just make sure you pick a different color from before, or at least a different tone of the same color if you must, so you get the most change out of the transformation and can really appreciate it as a new space.


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5. Update Your Appliances


By this we mean your small kitchen appliances. Obviously, leave your cooker and fridge as they are, but even just a new toaster or kettle is enough to make things feel different. Just take a look at the appliances that are on the work surfaces now, and think about whether any of them can be upgraded.

When looking for new kitchen appliances, look for ones that have bolder colors than your previous choices. Whenever you want a kitchen update, it’s usually because you’re bored with the space, so be daring and try new combinations and you might just find something you love.

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6. Tile Stickers


If it’s the tiles along the backsplash or the rest of your kitchen walls that are proving to be the source of your discontent, then you don’t even need to replace them entirely. Paying for all new tiles can be expensive, and there’s no guarantee you’ll like the new ones once they’re in either. But tile stickers offer a different solution to your problem.

You can try out new styles and patterns by simply picking up some tile stickers and fitting them over your old tiles. It’s the perfect way to give your kitchen an update without having to break the bank!

7. Rethink Your Storage


In our experience, it isn’t the kitchen decor that bothers people most about their kitchen. It’s the storage. Whether it’s simply because it doesn’t work for you right now, or you’re just sick and tired of the old monotonous routine of cooking in your kitchen, the way we store things can be enough to make us fall out of love with the room itself.

So think about how you store things right now. Are you making the most of the space you have? Could you move things around in the space you already have, or would additional storage help? Whatever you decide, sometimes making how we work in a kitchen different is enough to make the kitchen feel more exciting again.

Image:  @lollyjaneblog

8. Think About Accessories

Your kitchen towels, oven gloves, tea, coffee, and sugar jars – all the accessories you have in the kitchen are cheap to upgrade. If you want a quick kitchen update without any of the fuss, just head out to a local store and look out for new kitchen accessories to replace your old ones. Think about colors, patterns and shapes, and choose ones that feel exciting to you.

Sometimes simply mixing up the accessories is all you need to do to your kitchen to make it feel that much fresher than before.

Image: sixat21

9. Cabinet Handles


We’ll give you a two for the price of one deal with this advice, because not only does this tip apply to your kitchen cabinets but also to your bedroom wardrobes, chest of drawers, and end tables too: Update the handles. The old ones might be looking tired and well handled, so look out for new handles instead that can add some style.

Whether it’s bright and bold, or neutral yet geometric, you can make a real difference to the kitchen by updating the handles on the cabinets just to give it a quick change. Handles are much cheaper to replace than the cabinets themselves, so this tip is definitely worth considering.

Image: Jordan Ross Design

10. Feature Walls Are LIFESAVERS


And when all else fails, get a feature wall. It doesn’t matter what you do or which wall you pick, just wallpaper or paint a wall in something radically different from the rest of the kitchen. Feature walls save lives… well, not literally, but they do rescue boring spaces by drawing your eye to what’s new and different. This automatically makes your kitchen feel updated.



The key to a quick, successful kitchen update is focusing on the little things. By doing this, you can make lots of little changes that add up to a big impact when everything is finished. And the best part? The whole kitchen update can be done in a day or two, and cost you far less than a complete remodel. Perfect!

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