10 Places You’re Forgetting to Clean In Your House

Everyone should have a place to call home. Your home should reflect who you are. Homes come in many different shapes and sizes but are a place for comfort. Each home is unique and different from any other. However, all homes should be kept clean and tidy. However there are places in the house that most people forget to clean.

A clean home is the best home. This is because a clean home can ensure that you’re not living around dust, dirt and other types of messes. A mess of any kind can be horrible to look at. As well, any type of mess can wreak havoc on your health. This is why it’s important to clean your home regularly. So you put in the time and effort and you think your home is clean, but I bet there’s a place, or two, that you’ve missed.

Don’t feel bad. There are many places you forget to clean in your home that we all forget to clean in our homes. These places are so small and can easily be looked over to the point where we forget to clean them. As having a clean home is important, here are 10 places you forget to clean in your home that you should start cleaning.

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Places To Clean In Your House

1. The Light Switch

Most rooms in your home have a light switch that is used multiple times a day. However, do you ever clean it?

2. Corners

Whether these are the upper corners of a room where the walls meet the ceiling or the bottom corners of a room where the walls meet the floor, corners are a common place you forget to clean in your home. This is because corners are hard to get to as they’re narrow and right-angled.

3. Handles

Like the light switch, handles are being touched multiple times a day to have what they’re attached to be opened or closed. These handles can include doorknobs, cabinet door handles, wardrobe handles and more.

5. Side Tables

Unlike a dining table or coffee table, side tables are often places you forget to clean in your home. Side tables usually take a back seat to what they’re placed against which makes them easy to be forgotten.

6. Behind The Toilet

Most toilets have a space below the septic tank which causes a gap to exist between the wall and the toilet. This gap can easily be one of many places you forget to clean in your home because you never knew it existed.

7. High Shelves

It’s easy to see when a low-placed shelf is dirty, and therefore, it’s easy to remember to clean it. However, the higher shelves are places you forget to clean in your home because you can’t see when they become covered in a layer of dust.

8. Behind The Couch

If you have a couch that is positioned against a wall, it’s easy to forget to clean behind it. After all, you sit on your couch cushions and look forwards, not backwards.

9. Under Tables

With table legs bent in odd shapes and angles, cleaning under a table can seem like a daunting task. Even if tables are meant to have their tabletops used, it’s important to clean under your table too.

10. The Top Of The Fridge

A fridge is meant to keep food inside of it from going bad. Due to this, it’s easy to forget that the top of the fridge can be a place where mess can build up as well, even if it’s not a food-related mess.

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