You Will Love This Marble Coffee Table

The handcrafted BACI marble Coffee Table by Marbera is the perfect choice for modern homes looking to add a touch of sophistication and style. This contemporary design offers an exquisite blend of form and function and is made with travertine and onyx heart. Invisible casters allow you to move the parts easily and gives it an elegant look. The durable construction ensure that this table will last for many years and will stay looking as beautiful as the day it was purchased. The BACI Coffee Table by Marbera is the perfect way to complete any living room.


The Baci table in travertine with an onyx heart integrated, can be divided into two parts. This design has been carefully crafted to be elegant, sophisticated, modern, and timeless. The contemporary shape and volumes of the table are in perfect harmony with the precious materials chosen. This table is massive in thickness and elegant with its curves, making this table a jewel that will enhance your interior. Invisible casters allow to move the tables easily.

Dimensions : H350mm x W1300mm x L1300mm (without spacing)


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