Why Most People’s Favorite Wall Paint Color Is Blue?

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Research has proved that blue is the most favorite color of the people. Scientists started asking people about their favorite color and everyone answered something different. As time passed the data kept growing and a pattern started to appear. Blue was found to be the color chosen by most of the people. There are some reasons why most of us like blue rooms. Some of the reasons are given below.

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Calming effect

Whenever you see the sky in the daylight, you will feel calm. Looking at the sea will also relax you. Hence, it is proved that blue color can produce a relaxing and calming effect. People who like their homes to have the same relaxing effect, they should paint their walls blue to make blue rooms. Blue color can even trigger emotions like happiness so people like the blue room aesthetics unintentionally.

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Cooling effect

Research has proven that different colors can produce different moods in humans. Looking at the ice from a far location can give you a cooling effect. Painting the walls blue and using blue room decor can produce the same cooling effect. It can decrease the cost of air conditioning in some cases. A person will feel less heat in the blue rooms.

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Professional look

You must have seen that most of the walls are colored blue in the offices. It is because blue is considered the color of the professionals. There is some evidence in research that coloring the walls blue can increase the productivity of employees. Intentionally or unintentionally, we get benefits of the blue color so we like to paint the walls blue. It is one of the most used colors in the advertisement also because people consider blue color trustable.

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Fit with most decorative items

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If you try to match or contrast any other color with the blue walls, it will look amazing. The decorative items like paintings will look decent if the walls are painted blue. The frames of paintings can even be golden. Still, it will look perfect with the blue. Many of us like wooden furniture. As the wood has a dark brown color, it will look amazing with the blue color. Blue room accessories are common these days. Finding good blue room accessories is easier than the accessories of other colors. A lot of professional interior designers like to work with blue as it is easy to handle and always gives an amazing look to the walls.

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