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Ways to Spruce Up Your Staircase

modern spiral turquoise Staircase

Usually, staircase ideas is the first thing visible to the eye when someone enters the front door. Therefore, making your staircase the focus of attention is a good step. If you are searching for extraordinary staircase ideas, the Fontanot Shop may be your dream come true.

The Fontanot Shop offers innovative staircase ideas that are sure to add that “wow” factor to your home’s décor. The company has an unusual approach. They offer “staircase kits.” These kits are akin to a DIY stair kit that can be put together in one day!

The concept is similar to “ready-to-assemble” or RTA kitchen cabinets. These cabinets can be purchased pre-made. All you have to do is assemble and install them. The idea has taken off in the world of interior design because it saves money for homeowners and the product is delivered quicker than custom designed products.

Whether you purchase your staircase ready-made or custom designed, here are some great staircase ideas that are sure to electrify your home décor:

-Modernistic Creative Touches

One of the easiest staircase ideals to produce is by adding unique wallpaper, fabric, or paint. For example, you can paint the risers in an offbeat pattern or multiple hues in an ascending or descending order. Painting the bannister and spindles in alternating shades can be striking as well. If you are really fearless and have the time, you can duplicate the whimsical and modernistic idea that painter Leon Tarasewicz created at the Polish National Gallery of Art.

-Add an Exquisite Touch

A mirrored mosaic design will add an exquisite touch to your staircase and the bouncing light effect will be impressive. A colorful runner against a white backdrop is also striking.

-Just Stencil It

You can create a quick update to your staircase by using stencils. If you have a steady hand and an eye for color, the effect can be stunning.

-Go Underneath

If you need additional storage space, install a staircase with storage space underneath. It’s practical and will help keep your home tidy as well.

Staircase Ideas to Have Installed

-Spiral Staircase

A spiral staircase takes up less space and looks fantastic at the same time, especially with the many materials and finishes on offer today.

-Contemporary Glass Staircase

Integrate a magnificent glass staircase if money is not an issue. It will be a focal point, maximize natural light, and create a spacious ambiance.

A floating staircase, a staircase slide combo, bookcase staircase, and hanging stairs are all spectacular staircase ideas that will give your interior décor a touch of panache.

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