Urban Boho Decor: Nature Is Truly At The Heart Of This Apartment

Urban Boho apartment decor

Urban Boho Decor by Neha Rajora. We have particular ideas and images about houses in India: bright colours, big, open spaces and a lot room to run around and adorn with beautiful cloth in carpets and curtains.

This beautiful little apartment in Ahmedabad sets itself apart from all our stereotypes, however: a small, cozy space without a lot of room. The design of this tiny space takes advantage of every bit of room that was left unused to turn it into a fully furnished, fully utilized, practical apartment that lacks nothing.

Urban Boho living room with turquoise sofa
Urban Boho living room with turquoise sectional sofa
Urban Boho living room with turquoise sofa living room decor idea
Urban Boho dining are
Urban Boho living room corner
urban white kitchen with grey island and wood stools
cozy dining room area
cozy white and grey kitchen design
urban boho bedroom with turquoise chair
urban boho bedroom wall decor with small plants
urban boho bathroom with indoor plants decor
urban bohemian apartment decor idea
urban boho bedroom with boho white curtain
urban boho decoration idea

Urban Boho Decor

The style seamlessly marries a modern and stylish decor with a more ethnic and folklore style. While adorning the space with plenty of lush greenery to keep it fresh, peppy and sunny. It truly reflects the personality and character of the people that call this apartment “home”. All in all, an urban boho design that is chic, modern yet true to its ethnic origins.

While this apartment looks small it doesn’t look cluttered at all. The generous usage of plants and greenery makes the house seem extra bright and sunny.

Neha Rajora masterfully takes advantage of both horizontal and vertical space in this design to maximize how practical it is. Custom planters have on the walls and hang from the ceiling. Small unused spaces such as the ones next to beds and sofas are taken advantage of by using shelves where to stock books. The TV, mounted to the wall, leaves us room to use the TV stand to not only store belongings but also add another row of beautiful plants.

The urban boho style home decor is a step further. Beautiful, fun elements such as the wood swing seat which adds a realy original element. The photo frames in different sizes and colours also break the monotony of the decor.


This apartment is an excelent example of urban boho decor style. Urban boho decor can turn a small, into a bright one full of open spaces; making the claustrophobic feel most small apartments have go right out of the window.

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