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Unique Italian Apartment

unique italian apartment

A lovely, unique Italian apartment designed by idoia otegui is going to melt your heart! The inside of the house consists of a very modern and sleek looking design. With wood flooring, a unique design green bathroom, impressive staircase, some stone walls around the apartment, it’s easy to see why its interior design costs €140,000.

What a unique Italian apartment looks like

Well, what makes a unique apartment unique? And why is this one named like this? Is it something that relates to its layout? Has it got any special rooms or features? Or does it include a special color tone that is not to be seen anywhere else? Let’s see in detail these home interiors to find out!

unique apartment with blue chairs dining room

The living room is right next to the kitchen. It’s seriously only a few feet away so getting up to get something to eat or drink becomes very convenient. Though the design is very nice, it is kind of small. There’s only enough space for a few people which can make maneuvering in the living room somewhat of a nuisance. Overall, it’s still a nice place if you want to hang out and chat with two or three friends.

green bathroom basin
green and white bathroom
hexagonal little tiles in unique apartment
stairs with wood and metal
two colored stairs in unique apartment
unique dining room of apartment
yellow and blue elements in living room
unique italian apartment with coloful decor
wooden dining room table
wallpaper in unique home decor
ladder in bedroom
exposed bricks in wall decor
woman climbing indoor ladder
metal elements and an edison lamp
shower with blue tiles

One of the bathrooms has blue tiles on the bottom half of the walls which gives the bathroom an overall calming mood to it. The sink is very big as well as the mirror. The shower in this restroom actually leads out to the balcony so you can have a decent view while showering. I think this is a nice little touch of contemporary houses, like this one. Don’t worry, people won’t be able to see you showering so privacy isn’t a concern.

The other bathroom has tiles on the floor and in the shower as well as being equipped with a window to allow natural sunlight inside. This bathroom has also got a bigger toilet than the other one but it still fits well with the design.

man taking a shower
indoor plants in home decor
blue and white bathroom decor
unique apartment with special bathroom idea

The element of ladders

flatlay photo of unique apartment with indoor ladder

Having a ladder leading up to the attic, once you enter the attic, you’ll notice that the ceiling is very high and there are windows on the walls. It can actually be a great place to hang out or stuff some extra blankets and pillows as you see in the picture.

woman climbing a ladder

Photo gallery of the rest of the house

wooden window
unique apartment with attic sitting area
outside shower and mini pool

This is the main selling point of the apartment. You get to relax with an amazing view of the area and are able to see almost everything. The best part about the balcony is you are able to cook outside. It has some of the materials you need in order to prepare a fresh home-cooked meal while enjoying the scenery. This is where most people would spend most of their time in this apartment and you can’t really blame them. Who doesn’t love an amazing view?

terrace area with sitting space

So many current trends are happening in regards to the interior design of houses. Having a lot of white in the apartment is very popular right now. But another up and coming trend is having your own personal design.

This is starting to become more and more common nowadays and is easy to understand why. We want to make our home feel like a home that is truly ours.

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