Unique Chairs

sunflower chair with books

Sun Flower Chair by He Mu and Zhang Qian

Designed by designer He Mu and Zhang Qian from Shanghai University of Engineering Science, Sunflower Chair has won “Redtory Design Award” for the 5th “Design for Sitting” Grand Prix. Experts in the jury all agreed that the chair satisfied the very thing intention of sitting—reading, which meets the theme “sitting and other behaviors” quite well.

Nest Chair

Nest Chair by Nina Bruun

Copenhagen based designer Nina Bruun has created the Nest chair. Influenced by the spring and of nature, this chair is inspired by a bird’s nest. The Nest chair actually has four legs supporting the seat, placed on a mesh of pale birch strips.

Shell Chair

Shell Chair by Marco Sousa Santos

The SHELL CHAIR armchair was born out of the vivid imagination of Marco Sousa Santos for his BRANCA Lisboa brand. The chair is made out of an array of wooden pieces disperse into a cocoon shape and supported by organically emerging legs. The birch plywood is digitally cut and then each piece is hand assembled by a Portuguese artisan – thus the chair incorporates both modern and traditional techniques.

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