Unique Brigette Romanek’s L.A. Ηome

eclectic modern interior in Brigette Romanek's Ηome

Brigette Romanek’s home is filled with so many different aspects that anyone can find something or some part of the house that they love. There’s a library, a plant-filled sunroom, and even a playroom for children that contains a tiny rock climbing wall! This home interior is something to fall in love with and all-inclusive. Check it out!

Composition of Brigette Romanek’s home

When you first enter the house, you will be greeted with a beautiful entrance hall. With so many things like the marble tile floor and the modern but simple staircase, you might not even notice the chandelier that’s right above your head.

Inside the living room, there is no shortage of space. The sunlight piercing through the windows adds gives the living an overall vibrant feeling. With the addition of lounge chairs, the living room appears to be one of the best rooms to spend your time in.

indoor staircase in Brigette Romanek's home
many indoor plants in Brigette Romanek's home
wooden home office in Brigette Romanek's home

What is very fitting is that Mark Romanek is a director. This is fitting because the house has a den that shares a design to something that you would see inside a movie. Speaking of movies, did you know the house also includes a swimming pool where the family likes to projects movies onto the wall? Imagine all of the fun times they’ve had. Watching a movie while sitting in a pool seems like a great way to pass the time.

huge all-around bookshelf in Brigette Romanek's home
wooden elements in Brigette Romanek's home
pink shades in bedroom with golden elements in Brigette Romanek's home
arch like room separator
brown and white marble surface in bathrom

What will really blow everyone away is the master bathroom. The walls, floor, and ceiling is all covered in Calacatta gold marble. Saying that it looks amazing would be one of the biggest understatements you could make. It’s not often you can say that the bathroom is the best looking room in the house. What makes it even more amazing is that every other room in the house is astonishing, but the bathroom is so amazing that it outshines all of the other rooms in the house.

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