Top 7 Interior Design Decorating Tips

living room with pink sofa

Are you searching for something fresh in home interior decorating? Home design decorating gives you room to be adventurous, practical and even dramatic.

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Here are some ideas to explore:

living room decorating tip

· Take a good look at the decorative aspects of your room spaces.

Are the windows in good shape? Do you have hardwood floors? Do you have spacious rooms? Once you have looked at what you can build on, it’s time to come up with a decorating budget. Simple repair jobs and painting walls are cost efficient ways of spicing up the outlook of your rooms. To this, add accent furnishings and accessories easily found in discount stores and online shopping markets. Throw in a few stylish accent chairs, decorative art pieces and colorful drapes to make the setting of the room inviting and unique.

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living room decorating tip 2

· Add new pieces.

New pieces of furniture, beautiful indoor plants and warm color tones bring a creative edge to the rooms. These bring an elegant touch to any room.

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kitchen decorating tip 4

· Use marble products.

One thing with marble interiors is that they look stunning and redefine the value of any room. Moreover, marble offers you endless designs that are bound to facelift any home. Marble stone can be used in flooring, countertops, kitchen and bathroom interiors. Marble, in essence, adds exceptional beauty not to mention its magical durability. Furthermore, marble sinks and flooring are known to add uncompromising beauty, especially to kitchen and bathroom interiors.

living room decorating tip 3

· Go for natural materials

These have their entry in interior designing. Hand craft items, green carpets as well as wooden furniture add a classy touch to the rooms. Incorporating natural elements to a house creates a calm and cozy atmosphere. Moreover, they have the added advantage of giving the house a cleaner look.



living room decorating tip 5

· Incorporate glass and metallic materials.

Glass windows, glass tables, frosted glass for lamps, glass cabinets, diaphanous curtains, transparent furniture are capable of transforming any room as well as allowing more natural light into the rooms. Metallic items such as metal chairs, candle holders or metallic frames are other contemporary decoration you can explore.

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living room decorating tip 6

· Play around with big textures

These come in the form of rugs, curtains and also linen materials. For instance, you can use satin materials alongside a quilted rug or blanket.

Magical Thinking Meema Kilim Woven Rug


bold patterns in white living room

· Experiment with bold patterns.

Large geometric patterns, interesting contours and bright primary colors such as lime green, red and orange can transform an otherwise bland room. Nowadays, objects with smooth and soft edges are more preferred over straight lines.

Image: Shannon Claire

So, whether you are upgrading your home décor or starting out afresh, home interior designing is a beautiful journey that reveals your personal taste and style.

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