Top 20 Shower Curtains

top best shower curtains

Your shower curtain will be a major statement in your bathroom, the color, pattern, and material you choose will highly influence the rest of your bathroom’s décor. Dissimilar to other home design modifications that are permanent and costly, shower curtains are a quick and easy way to add a special touch without going over your budget. In the list of shower curtains below, you will find everything from stripes and geometric patterns, to animal prints and ruffles.

Unique Bathroom Curtains For Any Bathroom Décor

Waterfall White Ruffled Shower Curtain

1. Waterfall White Ruffled Shower Curtain$24.99.  This ruff-a-licious Waterfall White Ruffled Shower curtain is made from 100% polyester and works well with fancy or chic styled bathroom decors. It’s a one-piece curtain that not only looks fanciful it functions as intended too!

purple shower curtain

2. Purple Lush Decor Lillian Shower Curtain, $18.75. If you demand elegance and sophistication in your bathroom, this shower curtain will fit the bill. This Lush Décor Lillian Shower Curtain is made from 100% polyester and suitable for bathroom décors with a bit of panache.

Coyuchi Organic Rustic Linen Shower Curtain

3. Coyuchi Organic Rustic Linen Shower Curtain $227.00. This elegantly designed shower curtain, held-up by rustproof metal grommets, is the epitome in bathroom quality accessories. Produced by Organic Bath Linens, the material is made from flax grown in Belgium and France with yarn-dyed stripes that completes the distinct character of this well-made bathroom curtain.

Ticking Stripe Ruffled Shower Curtain

4. Ticking Stripe Ruffled Shower Curtain, reg. price $69 – $79 sale $54.99 – $69. The wide hemmed ruffled bottom of this 100% cotton bathroom shower curtain adds just the right amount of weight to keep your curtain strong and sturdy. You can’t go wrong with stripes and ruffles as part of your bathroom décor.

BETA FISH teal black and white Shower Curtain By Valentina Ramos

5. BETA FISH Shower Curtain By Valentina Ramos, $89.00. Beta Fish are a unique, beautiful species of fish. So just imagine how exceptional this shower curtain will look in your bathroom. Designed by Valentina Ramos, this Beta Fish curtain is made from 100% woven polyester with buttonhole openings at the top.

Ruffle Shower Curtain

6. Ruffle Shower Curtain, $69 – $99. This simple white 100% cotton ruffled bottom shower curtain is an easy fit for most bathrooms regardless of the décor. It has a modernistic twist and exudes elegance. This curtain can be personalized as well.

country Ruffled Shower Curtain vintage floral

7. Ruffled Shower Curtain – Vintage Garden Cream, $200. Nothing beats a handmade vintage style shower curtain to finish off a down-home, cozy styled bathroom décor. Designed from cotton and nylon, this ruffled shower curtain is a great pick-me-up for any bland bathroom décor.

Embroidered Linen Shower Curtain

8. Embroidered Linen Shower Curtain. An embroidered linen shower curtain is just what you need, if you prefer subtle, low-key bathroom décor. This shower curtain is delicately embroidered and produced from 100% linen. The style helps create a calm, tranquil ambiance in any bathroom.


Thomas Paul Shower Curtain - Octopus


9. Thomas Paul Shower Curtain – Octopus, $133.36. This 100% cotton, Thomas Paul textile hand silk-screened octopus shower curtain is part of a collection of limited quantity designs. If you love the beauty of the ocean, this octopus themed shower curtain will give a sense of deep waters, in the comfort of your bathroom.


sHABBY Rustic Chic Burlap SHOWER Curtain

10. Shabby Rustic Chic Burlap SHOWER Curtain. Soft textures, feminine accents, natural tones, and delicate materials is what describes this specially treated handmade burlap fabric shower curtain. Created with a “shabby chic” theme, this style of curtain fits well in bathrooms with rustic and cottage styled décor.

Slate Horizon Stripe Shower Curtain

11. Slate Horizon Stripe Shower Curtain, $49 Sale $24.99. Solid bold stripes is what gives this shower curtain a simplistic yet futuristic feel. It’s easy on the eye and fits with most bathroom decors as long as the colors harmonize. This 100% cotton shower curtain is a sure winner for those who love sophisticated style in their bathroom’s interior decoration.

Fabric Black and White Shower Curtain by Thomas Paul

12. Fabric Black and White Shower Curtain by Thomas Paul $129.00.  Equestrian lovers will adore this horse themed shower curtain designed by Thomas Paul. Hand screened and made from 100% cotton, you will enjoy galloping into your shower each morning! This design is best suited for bathrooms with natural tones and materials.

Lisa Argyropoulos Aquios Shower Curtain

13. Lisa Argyropoulos Aquios Glitter Shower Curtain, $89.00. Deeply rich in color with a fantasy aquatic theme, this 100% woven polyester shower curtain designed by Lisa Argyropoulos, will work great in a monochromatic painted bathroom. It adds just the right amount of multiplicity to make a demur décor come alive.

Black and White Shower Curtain - Triangle

14. Black and White Shower Curtain – Triangle, $89.90. High style with an extreme modernistic effect, this geometrically patterned shower curtain is fun and exciting, and will add pizzazz to any bathroom décor. The material is 100% cotton with an acrylic coating to make it water resistant.

black fabric shower curtain

15. Black Fabric Shower Curtain, Park B. Smith Tuxedo Pleat Watershed, $39.03. This elegantly designed shower curtain by Park B. Smith is elegance and sophistication at its finest. The curtain has a slight sheen, with tuxedo pleats at the top. It is water, allergy, and mold resistant and comes in colors like midnight, white, and soft brown.

Ferm Living Shower Curtain - Spear

16. Ferm Living Shower Curtain – Spear, $115.00. This multi-hued, geometrically patterned showered curtain is made from 100% cotton with an acrylic coating. With this curtain, you can easily use a number of colorful themes from contemporary design to traditional décor to create an up-to-the-minute look.

Kess InHouse Ingrid Beddoes "Believe" Desert Quote Shower Curtain

17. Kess InHouse Ingrid Beddoes “Believe” Desert Quote Shower Curtain, 69 by 70-Inch$99.00 – $24.94. This inspirational limited edition shower curtain by Kess InHouse is simple, elegant, and artistically enthused. What better way to start the day than with a beautiful message where you not only clean your body, but your mind as well?

Shabby Chic Lace Shower Curtain

18. Shabby Chic Lace Shower Curtain, $26.44. This beautifully laced and ruffled shower curtain, reminds one of the Victorian era. The old antique look is stunning. This style of shower curtain works flawlessly with feminine designed bathrooms.

Black, White And Gold Star Shower Curtain by Bella Mahri

19. Society6 – Black, White And Gold Star Shower Curtain by Bella Mahri, $68.00. If you are looking to present a “wow” affect in your bathroom, this is the shower curtain that you need! The material is 100% polyester and easy to care for. If you have a baroque themed bathroom, this shower curtain will work wonders.

 Tiffany Fade Chevron Pattern Shower Curtain by RexLambo

20. Tiffany Fade Chevron Pattern Shower Curtain by RexLambo, $68.00. It will be easy to personalize your bathroom with this zigzag designed shower curtain by RexLambo. Made from 100% polyester, this shower curtain is made in the USA and has easy to manipulate button holes for easy hanging.

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  1. Love these, especially the beta fish! Another option for a stylish shower curtain is coiled wire fabric. Here’s one I like:

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