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best candle holders

Weaving together functionality, practicality and enticingly charming appeal, candle holders come in a wide array of designs, shapes, sizes, finishes and styles and serve for both decorative and illumination purposes. Whether you are looking to add instant formality to a festive dining room or a touch of refinement, to create a distinctively idyllic décor for a romantic encounter, an aura of nostalgic charm and mysticism with powerfully fragrant votive candles or simply to illuminate a room, it is important to take into consideration the furnishings and décor of the room as well as the specific purpose of using various types of candles (aesthetic, energy-saving, ceremonial or religious purposes). Some of the most popular choices include candlesticks, candelabra, hurricane candle holders, sconce candle holders and candle lanterns.

You have plenty of options to choose from, depending on your specific decorating or lighting needs and personal style/preferences, from wooden, ceramic or glass to bronze, brass, iron or galvanized pillar candle holders, from freestanding to wall-mounted or ceiling hanging candle holders, from simple yet elegant pieces or more elaborate and even extravagant sets and from a traditional, vintage or rustic approach to a modern, industrial or futuristic look.

A candlestick is a classic ornamental device that keeps the burning candle upright and is typically shaped as a pedestal with or without etchings or other decorative motifs. Wooden candlesticks incorporating rosewood, teak or mahogany are ideal for any room with a rustic-like decor. If you want to showcase particular shapes of pillar candles, you should look for wide glass or plate candle holders with minimalist designs.

Candelabra represent more elaborate holders with several branches that lend a rustic-like or even nostalgic feel, reminiscent of a bygone era and are ideally used to enhance the decor for holidays and other special occasions. If candelabra look a bit too dramatic for your home decor, then for special events you can also choose freestanding brass or iron candle holders to be placed by the fireplace or other focal point of the room or even the entryway.

The Menorah holders are a special type of candelabra inspired by the ancient seven-lamp Menorah in the Holy Temple, a symbol of Judaism. As a key part of the Jewish tradition, the Hanukkah ( Chanukah) Menorah is a nine-branched festive candelabrum that is placed in the doorway or near the window during the eight-day Jewish holiday. All eight Hanukkah lights should be lined up on the same level, while the ninth light ( the Shamash) must be placed above the rest. This extra light is used to light the 8 Hanukkah candles with, The candles are lit from left to right, right after nightfall and they should burn for minimum 30 minutes. The ideal way to fulfill the festivity of lighting the Menorah is to utilize pure olive oil as well as wicks of cotton.

A candle chandelier also makes a classy addition to any seasonal décor, as it can graciously add a sense of warmth and style. Cast an alluring glow over the Christmas party or other special event with a hanging votive holder, preferably twined with vines.

If you are an aromatherapy enthusiast and use scented candles, then you should look for candle holder designs that concentrate their delicate fragrance and then diffuse it straight into the room as they burn. These include round glass, ceramic candle holders and metal items with vents that evenly diffuse the aroma. To create a DIY votive candle holder for Valentine’s Day, use a tin can, over which you tape a printed Clipart heart and then, using a finishing nail, hammer holes following the heart pattern.

Serving both functional and aesthetic purposes, sconce candle holders are increasingly popular wall decor elements used particularly in long and narrow hallways and they come ready for wall mount. Available in sets that can typically accommodate one pillar candle each, ranging from minimalist designs to more intricate, double-arm designs for a truly dramatic touch, candle sconces typically encompass metal finishes ( such as brass, bronze, copper with patina), ranging from simple to embossed metal and scrolling design with various details.
Candle lanterns are another great option and can be used for both indoor and outdoor spaces such as patios and terraces. Whether you are looking for a traditional paned glass lantern with a rectangular frame that rises to a plain silhouette black iron or a modern lantern with cylindrical frame such as hurricane glass and metal lantern candle holders, the designs, styles and sizes are plentiful.
Although created specifically for emergency situations, hurricane candle holders are an inexpensive and practical way to cut down on energy bills and add an elegant touch to any room decor. To cast a magical glow and create a mystical aura, a tea lights candle holders arrangement is an excellent idea.

Enjoy this inspiring selection of 20 different candle holders that can effectively embellish your home decor, diffuse the delicate aroma of scented candles and gracefully illuminate your living space year-round or on special occasions.

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1. kate spade new york Escape the Ordinary Candle, $35.99. Create that perfect mood lighting with the kate spade new york candle. Crafted of fine porcelain.

 gold Menorah by Michael Aram

2. Rock Menorah, $179.00. This gold Menorah by Michael Aram is absolutely awesome. The tension of line, form, and meaning is a distinguishing characteristic of Aram’s extraordinary designs, inspiring thoughtful appreciation and bringing a sense of ceremony in their day-to-day use. Find it here.

silver modern Vertebrae Candlesticks

3. Vertebrae Candlesticks, $325.00. Michael Aram’s 25th Anniversary Commemorative Collection is a retrospective selection of his favorite functional pieces culled from his archives of the past 25 years. These re-edited pieces are produced for a limited time only during 2014 and embody the charm, whimsy, and organic quality that are the hallmarks in Aram’s work. These candlesticks mimic the look of the human spine.

pastel wedding Peaceful and Quiet Votive Candle Holder Set in Sunset

4. Peaceful and Quiet Votive Candle Holder Set in Sunset, $31.99. These votives are beautiful! The colors are gorgeous and they fit a variety of candle sizes, from tea lights to tall votives.

silver contemporary Nambé Candlesticks

5. Nambé Candlesticks, $110.00. A pair of polished silver candlesticks cut with clean lines rise from flared bases up to elegant cups that hold any height of taper. The refined craftsmanship and intrinsic beauty ensure they’ll become a heirlooms worthy of many generations to come.

Taymor Chrome Bathtub Caddy with Candle Holder and Wine Glass Holder

6. Taymor Chrome Bathtub Caddy with Candle Holder and Wine Glass Holder, $37.06.  I  love the idea of having a chrome tub caddy!

Fornasetti 'Burlesque - Otto' Large Candle 6

7. Fornasetti ‘Burlesque – Otto’ Large Candle, $525.00. Italian painter, sculptor and engraver Piero Fornasetti considered most objects a canvas. From umbrella stands to side tables to decorative trays, the legendary Italian artist and designer put his signature whimsical mark on over 11,000 objects. The Fornasetti legacy continues today with his son Barnaba, who reinterprets the world famous motifs onto a collection of scented decorative objects.

The Burlesque candle design is a classic dual-faced reworking of the iconic face of Lina Cavalieri, Italian opera singer and most frequently appearing muse of Piero Fornasetti. On one side, her face masquerades behind a black mask; on the other, a black veil. The candle is made from hand-poured, 100% vegetal wax and fills your home with the warm scent of Otto. Once your candle has burned away, the jar can be used as decoration.

Korridor Concrete Candlestick

8. Korridor Concrete Candlestick, $95.00.

Archipelago Botanicals Tin Candle

9. Archipelago Botanicals Tin Candle, $19.00. A rustic candle provides just the ticket for adding a warm glow and woodsy aroma to any space.

Green Irish Tweed Candle

10. Green Irish Tweed CandleTOM DAXON Sous Les Glycines scented candle

11. TOM DAXON Sous Les Glycines scented candle, $85. Expertly blended to evoke “a canopy of honeyed white flowers,” Tom Daxon’s ‘Sous Les Glycines’ candle has been handmade in England. Aromatic and citrusy Italian Bergamot Oil complements the heady notes of Jasmine, Rose and Wisteria, creating an uplifting fragrance that smells like the height of summer. The vessel glows softly when lit, too.

Tom Dixon 'London' Copper Candle

12. Tom Dixon ‘London’ Copper Candle. London captures the smell of red brick, London parks filled with crocuses and nettles and the salty smell of the Thames. Encased in a copper hand-spun vessel with a solid morwad marble lid, this soy- and paraffin candle features a cotton wick to fill your home with its clean, fragrant scent.

driftwood candle holder

13. Driftwood Candle Holder. Create a statement this unique, stunning, large 11 votive driftwood centerpiece.
Beautifully aged and softened by time. Sand, sun and sea have shaped this candle holder to create a high interest, striking center piece.

10-Candle Metal Candelabra

14. 10-Candle Metal Candelabra, $42.99. This glamorous metal candelabra is the perfect feature to adorn any shelf or mantel. With ten platforms to hold candles and a sturdy base, this metal candelabra will add warmth and a gentle glow to any room in your home. The candelabra is constructed of two rows, five platforms in the front for candles and five platforms for candles in the back.

DIPTYQUE Opopanax Candle

15. DIPTYQUE Opopanax Candle.  Diptyque’s Opopanax candle features a captivating woody scent gently diffused with a warm balsamic base mingled with the smooth and sensuous notes of vanilla.

Hollingsworth Lantern by Birch Lane

16. Hollingsworth Lantern by Birch Lane, $119.00. A fir wood frame, cylindrical glass hurricane, and metal accents make modern updates to this classic lantern silhouette. Suspend it from the ceiling or style it on your tabletop for a rustic touch. Holds one candle.

outdoor-inspired, handcrafted wood pepper log candle

17. Taya Candle by Birch Lane, $29.00. Light up any space with this outdoor-inspired, handcrafted pepper log candle that instantly adds warmth. Double-wicked, this ambiance maker has a burn time of 38 hours. Style it alone or with its matching tall candle.

POV Large Candle Holder by Menu

18. POV Large Candle Holder by Menu, $79.90. The POV Large Candle Holder by Menu is the big brother of the POV Candle Holder. It shares the same light, smart, and playful design but is now available on a much bigger scale. Beautiful on its own and stunning when several are combined as graphic patterns.

If you move around the POV Large Candle Holder, you’ll also notice that your view alters the holder. From some angles it seems like a flat graphical drawing – move around it and suddenly the graphic lines float in mid air. Shadows and shapes change, making it a fun object to interact with.

Luxe Candle Holder

19. Luxe Candle Holder, $70.00. The Luxe Candle Holder plays with texture and tone, perfect for table centerpieces and entrayways. Cool marble is contrasted with a warm copper accent, guaranteed to set an unmistakable mood wherever the Luxe Light Candleholder is displayed.

Rise to the Occasion Candle

20. kate spade new york Rise to the Occasion Candle, $40.00. 

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  1. It’s pretty neat that you can do so much with a simple little candle. The piece with the wooden log is my favorite out of the twenty. If I had that, I would be a little bit more careful with it since you don’t want the wood to catch fire.

  2. I like that you said that candle lanterns are a cost-effective and practical way to cut down energy bills and add an elegant touch to any indoor or outdoor space. My husband and I recently had a patio constructed in our backyard, and I think the place would look more relaxing and sophisticated if we add some candle lanterns. I’ll try to find some exotic metal candle lanterns on my trip downtown this weekend. Thanks for this!

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