Top 10 Home Decor Ideas for Fall 2019

indoor plants 2019 fall home decor

Summer is quickly coming to an end. It is time to go back inside and turn on the lights. Hanging onto summer is easier than ever thanks to the top fall home decor trends 2019. Let summer inspire you with its amazing blend of colors. You may even want to harness the power of summer by adding pressed flowers to your fall home décor.
living room with paper lantern
Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are back in fashion thanks to Japanese designer Isamu Noguchi. Choose a white or a nice bright color to hang onto the summer sunlight. Not only that, but did you know you can easily decorate paper lanterns with pressed flowers? Make sure your flowers are completely dry and then glue them to your paper lanterns using a good quality paper glue.


white fall 2019 home decor idea

Simple Lamps

Speaking of light. As we all know, light is a real lifesaver during the fall and the rest of the darker months of the year. This year, you will notice a lot of simple design lamps in the stores. They look rather stunning and can make a great addition to any room. You don’t need to spend a small fortune to achieve the desired effect. One lamp placed in the right position in a room will have enough of an impact.


fall 2019 living room idea

Plinth Style Tables

Minimalism is still with us in some ways, and fall home décor ideas for 2019 include plinth style tables. This is a really easy design to work with in your home. Fill bowls with seashells or other beachcombing finds to hang on to summer for that little bit longer. Add some scented candles in bright colors to remind you of sunny days and put them on top of your plinth table.

Image: Erin Conway


palms print living room pillow

A Touch Of Palms

You can create a lush warm atmosphere by the addition of palm leaves. Everything from cushions to wallpaper has palm leaves on it this year. If you don’t want to go over the top, you can brighten up your sofa with a couple of palm leaf-inspired cushions, and perhaps a throw. There is no need to change your entire décor theme and spend your hard-earned cash on palm leaf style wallpaper.


2019 fresh fall living room decorating idea
Add Natural Textiles

Perhaps many designers have been inspired by the movement towards more natural things. Natural textiles such as cotton and silk are very much in vogue this fall. Linen is also making a huge come back. Modern linen is easy to care for and come in a range of colors.

Images: Sanna Wester


2019 fall living room decorating update dea
Organic Materials Add Warmth

The industrial look has had its day. The latest trend is for organic materials. Both bamboo and wood are must-have’s for the fall. Take a look around your local second-hand store. You will probably find a selection of cane or bamboo furniture which can with a bit of help, easily be loved back to life.

Image: Etsy


living room wall decor idea

Max Out Your Walls

Maximalist art is all about large paintings and mirrors. While you are in the second-hand store, look for big bold portrays and paintings which will have an immediate impact. Big mirrors are in as well. Often you can find them in antique stores waiting for a buyer who wants to restore them to their former glory.

Image: lovely life
2019 fall living room decorating idea
Liven Up Your Houseplants Collection
Adding fall flowers to both the exterior and outside to your home is another top trend for fall 2019. It will make your home flow and it will feel like you have a garden inside as well as on the outside of your home.
2019 fall home decorating idea
Natural Floors
It is time to bring back wooden flooring for the ultimate natural look. Before you invest in wooden flooring, check out your floorboards. Maybe all you need to do is to polish them up and add a natural stain to make them look trendy.
fall 2019 living-room rug idea
Rugs and Even More Rugs
Rugs really do add warmth to a home. There is a pretty endless choice when it comes to fall home decor ideas. But, if you want to achieve a natural look, it is best to go for browns, greens, and shades of soft yellow.
Image: Lulu & Georgia

loft indoor plants 2019 fall home decor

Buying Used Instead of New

Restoring furniture is very much a popular trend for fall 2019. Buying second-hand furniture and décor items will first and foremost save you money. At the same time, it will give you something to do during long dark evenings and cooler weekends.

Image: Liz Sparacio

Invest in sandpaper, a good quality paintbrush, and colors such a green, and your home will look in line with the top fall home decor trends 2019 in no time at all.

Restoring natural cane furniture is surprisingly easy for a novice furniture restorer. The first thing you need to do is to clean the item well, and then simply spray paint it with acrylic paint. In less than a couple of hours, you will have a gorgeous piece of furniture you have created yourself. Add a palm leaf design cushion, and you have achieved the right look for fall 2019.

Follow your own fall home décor ideas to give your home a personal touch. Look around stores for inspiration and then create your own wonderful fall home decor projects. There is more to personalizing your home than rushing down to your nearest big store and buying what everyone else is spending a small fortune on.

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