A Three-Dimensional Wonder

Three-Dimensional Wonder loft

This house by Riccardo Haiat, has an interesting space configuration. In order to expand the area, higher-levels were created. Two mezzanines create a 3-Dimensional effect offering multiple perspectives that join in the living room area in the center of the home. This strategy helps to preserve and refine awkward spaces and increase the surface area.

The kitchen design is modernistic and progressive. It’s a combination of traditional furnishings that subtly merge with contemporary ideas. The cabinetry has wainscoting affects accented with state-of-the-art silver handles. This assemblage perfectly displays the perception of traditional and modern concepts in a modest, yet dynamic way. The black matt cabinet finish refines the décor creating a sleek sophisticated attractiveness. Another addition that makes this kitchen area unique is the island of multi-colored tiles. The geometric design is eye-catching and explodes with vibrancy and rich color. The birch wood type flooring combined with the oakwood counter and tabletop is a sophisticated modernistic manipulation of traditional wood materials.

The living room area flawlessly merges with the dining area. The layout is even more appealing when viewed from above. The 50s style retro furnishings is the theme that resonates throughout the home and the living space personifies this concept. In fact, retro inspired interiors are making a huge comeback. Whether utilizing bold colors or more subtle shades with more emphasis on furniture style, the retro look is dynamic. In many instances, vintage style interior décor is restricted to the kitchen area, this home goes beyond the usual and utilizes the look throughout the dwelling. The lighting is simple and practical, nothing ostentatious.

The glass paned partition dividing the living room space from the foyer and stairway also embodies a vintage look. The partition is straightforward with unique concepts that are slightly hidden. For example, the glass has a ripple affect and it’s quite clever, as the glass helps to maintain the open layout.

The steep stairway and shelf combination is a brilliant means of utilizing the space. The structural concept maintains the flow of the space. The shelves are free standing with heavy objects for balance. which makes the structure flexible and easy to modify to create future interesting décor ideas.

Three-Dimensional Wonder loft 2 Three-Dimensional Wonder loft 3 Three-Dimensional Wonder loft 4 Three-Dimensional Wonder loft 5 Three-Dimensional Wonder loft 6 Three-Dimensional Wonder loft 7

This chic and stylish home uses a number of strategic interior design concepts. The approach is subtle and impressive. Only minute hints of vibrant color is used, yet it’s not necessary in order to make this home inviting. It’s a subtle illustration of what can be done with clever design techniques and a little ingenuity. The apartment is rather small; however, it’s a strategic masterpiece of space manipulation.

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