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bachelor pad interior design

What is your vision of a bachelor pad? Do you see a barely functional unkept flat with decrepit furnishings and stained carpet? If so, you will be surprised that this apartment is the ultimate single man’s flat. It’s no secret that decorating a bachelor pad can be challenging. Even so, with this handsome pad, it seems that they’ve managed to pull-off the ultimate bachelor pad decor flawlessly. Some key features in this type of accommodations are a preference for art, casual yet relaxed furnishings, a display of hobbies as in the keyboard in the living room area, and muted tones. Of course, there are more daring bachelors who don’t mind a splash of vibrant shades here and there.

Upon entering the space, you find a laid-back ambiance resting on a white backdrop with an accent black wall, gray furnishings, and light wooden floors. It’s a composed design, not too fussy but well put together. The open space functions as an entertainment and dining area. It is completely functional and appears to convert into a workspace when needed. For example, the dining table easily changes into a work table. The coffee table acts as an additional piece of activity furniture. The bookshelf provides a homely element and is used as a storage space as well.

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The limited space of this flat is adorned with simple solutions to get the maximum out of the space. However comfortable and cozy, the décor is also inspiring and creative. For example, the bedroom is right behind a wall that sits off from the main area. It’s casually hidden with strong accents like the pewter hued piled rug and strong black and red poster hanging on a charcoal black wall. The white linens work well with the overall decor and complements the general theme of the apartment. This pad is emblematic of the typical male personality. For men, simplicity represents harmony, robustness, and solid furnishings.

The slate wall dividing the bedroom from the living room space creates a brawny ambiance. It merges perfectly with the charcoal black accent wall. The white trim along the bottom of the wall creates a balancing dynamic effect. The velvety textured throw rug is a pleasant accent piece that adds another dimension to the overall décor.

Bachelors both young and old want a space that they are enthusiastic about coming home to. A place where they can chill-out or hang-out with family and friends. A place where they can live as they please, do whatever they want, while maintaining a congenial environment decked out with all the latest gear. This pad fits the bill perfectly. It’s designed for living but also leaves room for exploring, rearranging, and originating. It’s ideal!


For men, harmony often comes from simplicity. They also tend to value durability. This design is inspired by our friend, a hardworking bachelor. He’s a great guy.
Our vision fills the limited space of this apartment with stylish yet simple solutions, aimed to upgrade and optimize.
Ease to obtain and preserve in desired shape, the overall everyday functionality, ability to find both shelter and a stimulating creative environment, to both express and contemplate – are all hallmarks of this design.
However soothing and cozy, we find it at the same time calmly inspiring to greater performance, creativity and self discipline.

Set in a typical studio apartment in Warsaw, Poland, 2016/2017, ca. 35 m2 / 370 feet.
“Rocky” poster – Andrzej Pągowski, 1977, Polish School of Posters
“Solaris” poster – Andrzej Bertrandt, 1972

INTERIOR DESIGN : Studio Zapraszam & Michał Kaczanowski

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